What I Eat In a Day | Easy Vegetarian Meal Ideas

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Here’s my very first What I Eat in a Day video! I used to think Vegetarian and Vegan meals were boring and would leave me hungry but it’s quite the opposite! Here are my meatless meal ideas. I would love to hear your suggestions for your favorite easy vegetarian meals as well!

My 1 month vegetarian transformation video: http://youtu.be/NSfaspp4A-4

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Hi, i’m Kym! I’m a speaker & wellness entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC. At the age of 25, i quit my “dream” job for good to create my dream life through entrepreneurship. Videos include Vlogs (Travel, Workouts, Life) and Talks on topics of Health & Wellness.


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Jasmine Poli says:

This is the most realistic ‘what I eat in a day’ video and its actually the most helpful one I have seen. Thank you!!

Regan Standlick says:

Do you have a video or can you do a video on vegeterian products that are go tos 🙂 I'm a newbie

Raghu Seetharaman says:

Hi Kymela,

I saw your video and was very impressed by your mindful and healthy diet. I also think you are a very sweet person and have a beautiful positive attitude. For this reason, I am asking if you would like to go out sometime for dinner and get to know one another. I'm a very nice gentleman and think you are a very beautiful person.


Ragu Seetharaman the IV

P.S. I like saltines with peanut butter.

Ann Margret says:


Queencity Limo says:

I just watched your video that you made in July of last year where you had no meat for a month and a half it's been almost a year what's your take on being vegan/vegetarian
Are you a vegan or vegetarian?

GangsTv says:

start nku magdiet now dahil lng sa dalawang event ang aatendan ko hanggang september 10 i want to do this mas tipid pa nga gnitong diet eh thnks for sharing dear….

Savvy Social Events says:

Great tips! I have such a hard time deciding what to eat. Thanks for sharing.

del Ai cious says:

You can do omelette mix and match too… one of my fave is combi of mushroom, bell pepper, spinach, grated cheese and egg. I've actually shared a vid of that. You might want to check "Bago umalis c hubs vlog"

del Ai cious says:

I can relate to having shortness of breathe over long vlogging chitchats hahaha

del Ai cious says:

I'm loving being a vegetarian as well More of these kind of diet and recipe tips please. I love the dump and go type of thing.

Monz Melecio says:

subbed #427. Nice video! I'd be happy if you'll visit my channel and sub back.

Mang Goryo says:

hi, kumusta? napanood ko video mo at nagsubscribe na din ako sa channel mo, keep vlogging!
pa subscribe naman sa channel ko pls..

Pinoy LowBudget Productions says:

Can I use kang kong or malunghay topping? Para very Filipino kahit walang meat hehe. Great food ideas. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Erick Dela Paz says:

Yum!!! Making me real hungry Kym!! hahaha looked delicious though 🙂

Ode&IanVlog says:

Nkaka gutom huhuhuhu

Arleen B. says:

That looks doable Kym! I will try that Buddha bowl.Goodluck to your journey!

heyitsjesschan says:

great vid kym!! definitely have to try some of these! I love the buddha bowl idea haha and that sauce!


Chewing on leaves? I laughed so hard when the photo of the rabbit came up. 😂😂😂 I love edamame 😊You're videos are raw and real and it's getting better and better everytime 😍 Love love this! 👍

Travelling with Mother says:

Your channel is lovely! I don't eat red meat and I haven't for years now —- it helped out my body so much! Also I didn't know that cinnamon lowered blood sugar, great tip! I've subscribed to your channel of course 🙂 If you have a spare moment to check out my videos, I'd love that (I make vlogs with my eccentric Mother!) Have a totally smashing week! <3 xoxo

Kylie Dy says:

so helpful!! i need this to heal my gut

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