10 Vegan Dinners To Make At Home

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Vegan cooking is a breeze when you have some go-to tasty meals up your sleeve. These easy vegan recipes prove that making a delicious and healthy dinner doesn’t have to be a challenge. For a printable version of each recipe, just follow the link.

Recipes include:
– Apricot Sesame Cauliflower Wings https://thrivemarket.com/blog/apricot-sesame-cauliflower-wings-recipe
– Jackfruit Hawaiian BBQ Bowl https://thrivemarket.com/blog/jackfruit-hawaiian-bowl-recipe
– Matcha Soba Noodles https://thrivemarket.com/blog/matcha-soba-with-spicy-tofu-nuggets-recipe
– Jackfruit Jambalaya https://thrivemarket.com/blog/jackfruit-jambalaya-recipe
– Pumpkin Reishi Soup https://thrivemarket.com/blog/pumpkin-reishi-soup-recipe
– Avocado Chlorella Pesto Pasta https://thrivemarket.com/blog/chlorella-avocado-pesto-noodles-recipe
– Beetroot Ravioli with Asparagus Salad https://thrivemarket.com/blog/beetroot-ravioli-with-cashew-cream-cheese-recipe
– Camu and Beet Soup https://thrivemarket.com/blog/camu-and-beet-soup-recipe
– Spring Rolls https://thrivemarket.com/blog/vegan-spring-rolls
– Shirataki Mushroom Bolognese https://thrivemarket.com/blog/vegan-mushroom-bolognese-recipe

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