Deliciously Ella 'The Cookbook' Review + Taste Test!

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Reviewing and taste testing recipes from Deliciously Ella’s newest cookbook called The Plant – Based Cookbook!

Lentil Balls Notes:
I used 5 tbsp of buckwheat flour instead of the two the recipe called for because the onion I used as huge and very watery! They turned out great 🙂 Also remember to use a small amount of parsley in the tomato sauce and a good amount of salt in the roasted garlic cashew cream recipe!

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The Story Magpie says:

I love this idea! I'd love to see other cookbook taste tests 🙂

Anna K says:

I live in the US. I have a scale and would rather my recipes be weighed out because ingredients do not all weigh the same every time. Weighing allows you to get more precise measurements every time. I appreciate that you reviewed this book. So thank you.

Kathryn White says:

I work in a resturant in Texas and, in general, baking is always done by weight when working on a professional level.

kathleen swenning says:

I didn’t want it to end! You did such a great job reviewing this cookbook👏🏼👏🏼! I love that you cooked some of the dishes and had a few that didn’t work outs that you helped us out with! Thank you Nikki! ❤️Kathy

C Re says:

Your Instagram link is spelled wrong in the description!…Love the channel…Aloha

Janet Tempest says:

You are so right I’m dyslexic so pictures make a big difference and measurements can make a recipe go so wrong. Can you please keep doing videos you have helped me so much your an inspiration 😘🦢🌈😇🦋

Janet Tempest says:

You are great I prefer cups so thanks for explaining the difference I fine measuring on scale a pain I’m surprised Ella doesn’t do both I would also like alternatives in the recipes please keep this up you’ve got what it takes 😇🐝🦢😘

Allthedaysofmylife says:

Your lip gloss looks great

Robyn Dismon says:

Why are the red peppers 'jarred'?

Life With Lee says:

Great video! I was a little frustrated by the units here in Europe after moving here from the USA, but i got use to it, I just "ask Siri" hahaha! I agree with the point knock off about the oil content, perhaps we can substitute? Thanks for the review, I will be in London on Christmas holiday , already placed my order to pick up at Waterstones at Piccadilly! THANKS AGAIN !

Jeanne Amato says:

Love your channel

Jeanne Amato says:

Very helpful. Will buy right away.

kimberly1904 says:

I would love if u could do some more vegan cookbook reviews and taste tests! 🙂

Kalina Gkioni says:

Lovely channel

Amy Croft says:

I struggle so much concerting American cups to UK grams etc. We also used cups but I’ve found UK cups and American cups are totally different 😩and google just confuses me even more. Agree with the measurements it’s not as simple as should be!

Shanika Mahendran says:

This is such a great video! I mean I already have the book haha. But so inspired to cook from it now!

Ashley Raguz says:

Wow I leaned so much in this video! Thanks

Felicia -FH NurseMom- says:

I want to try the sweet potatoes recipe You tried and liked, my daughter loves them but has a sesame and peanut allergy do you think I could replace the peanut butter part with sun butter? And forego the peanuts ? I just never know what I can replace sesame oil with in recipes like Thai meals I love for her I tried avocado oil sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t :/

Alana Quick says:

I love when things are just in cups and mL as American and Australian cup measures are actually all different – so it adds in another element of confusion when trying to convert stuff!!

Chantelle Leach says:

Thanks for the review – we actually got sent this into where I work as I work for a vegan mag and we featured some of her recipes in the magazine! Vegan Life Magazine btw guys if you are interested in buying it 🙂 The recipes we feature in our mag btw always have the cup equivalent even though we are UK based 🙂

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