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The people have spoken! What I Ate Wednesday is BACK!
With Vegan Shakshuka, Creamy Vegan Mac & Nooch, and Vegan Buffalo “Chicken”! All 3 are easy single-serving vegan recipes; 2 microwave recipes that you can make in 5 minutes and 1 recipe for the oven. You can use a regular oven, convection oven or airfryer. Scroll down for timestamps.

Vegan Shakshuka For One 1:08
Vegan Mac & Nooch For One 5:18
Vegan Buffalo “Chicken” For One 8:10
Toshiba Microwave/Convection Oven 1st Impression Review Summary: 18:45
Channel Updates: 20:25

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*Are microwaves safe? Does it kill the nutrients in food?*
Yes they are safe! There are pros and cons with all cooking methods. Read more: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/microwave-cooking-and-nutrition


Toshiba Microwave Convection Oven (EC042A5C-BS): https://amzn.to/2SsO88X

Tofu-making mold (what I used to press the tofu):

My recommendation: The City Of Brass by S.A. Chakabroty

The BEST Vegan Fried “Chicken”: https://goo.gl/4jLYiv

Vegan General Tso’s: https://goo.gl/ttQrB2

Vegan Honey Butter “Chicken”: https://goo.gl/GbrDkp

DIY Vegan “Chicken” Broth Powder: https://goo.gl/JCERci

— RECIPES — amounts are approximate

Vegan Shakshuka For One:

Vegan Mac & Nooch For One:

Vegan Buffalo “Chicken” For One:


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Lance McGrew says:

First time viewer. Sure appreciated your attention to audio quality, both voice over and background. Food obviously looks great.

Annam Aaharam says:

Vegan is always good. Liked and joined. Kindly support back friend.

David Watson says:

"SHACK-shoe-kuh" or "SHOCK-shoe-kuh", so you nailed it except for the initial emphasis. However…it's "PAW-stuh", not "PASS-tuh". Sorry – had to. 😉 (Former chef in an Italian restaurant in New York City, so there you go.)
Also, saving every bit of this! These days, it's just me. My wife passed over 4 years ago, my family is scattered throughout the country, so cooking for one is still something I'm trying to accommodate so I don't have leftovers that will eventually gain sentience and take over the world lying dormant in my fridge.

MidlifePrices says:

Omg! I want that tofu wing!!!

Antonina Amico says:

Mary you’re a genius!!!!! And your videos are not only delicious but also so relaxing

McKenzie Warren says:

Man, I gotta try making that chicken, like… yesterday.

lfaithm1 says:

Holy heck, Julian Solomita needs to see this!!

Ayuda a los animales ya says:

Ooo i want this in spain

Lauren says:

I live in the uk and can’t seem to find medium-firm tofu anywhere! Only firm, extra firm and silken. The result of the ‘chicken’ is no where near as good as Mary’s 🙁

Schpincter Taint says:

You season food like a black person 😭 I'm so proud

B Tek says:

thanks for the recipes I would not mind more what I ate vids

Joy says:

The video is just great I love to mac and nooch recipe it lokks really good 😍 Also, I have a question, isn't it dangerous to freeze again something that has already been defrosted ? That's what i've been said my whole life

Alice Walker says:

I love what I eat in a day videos AND meals for one so 👌🏻

Estefanía says:

Do u take any supplements like vit b12?

Mari Alenz says:

Noodles and pasta contain eggs. Just saying

Chase Collins says:

Love you and your channel, but why the microwave?? Many studies show how it completely erradicates nutrients. " there are no rules", but this one should be.

Taylor Knapp says:

Those buffalo wings look amazing!!

dirtycarfloornerds says:

How does it (the tofu) taste the next day? I wanna have it for my lunch at work? Can you reheat it in the oven? I have access to a oven could I leave the sauce off until get to work and heat it again? Or would it get soggy?

NexValentine says:

These are AMAZING!!! Thank you for this!

Shelly Colton says:

As an israeli, the Shakshuka dish is absolutely close to my heart and the recipe ,-which is already printed in my bloodstream😎😍 from an early age,– it is an honour to view this one & thanks very&very much for sharing the vegan version👑🤗👌👌👌 its ausome!!!— and sounds delicios & so easy to prepare…again thanks 😘…for myself this is a combination of nostalgy & creative-healthy vegan food ,so i'm so happy you posted this via youtube& FB ,Keep Up your work you are great!!! Your friend from Israel,– Shelly 😍🤗🍷🍷🍾🍷🍷🍾

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