Healthy Living with Chef AJ – S1 Ep 6 – Classic Diner Foods

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Chef AJ creates a healthy spin on some old diner classics – burgers, chili, and shakes!

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Dianne Elizabeth says:

Himalayan salt has minerals that we need. Good fats are healthy for our brain Cholesterol is not our enemy

Childrens Garden says:

looking for different recipes /idea's for the 2lbs of green vegetables Chef A.J. recommends you eat daily? Thanks!

Sally Rodriguez says:

Sometimes you can talk a little bit too much , I try watching your videos, but can't fulling watch them and I know your giving good information out. What is my problem? 😯

Debbie Spitznagel says:

Better for the environment if you don't use the gloves, which end up in the landfill after one use 🌿

Patrick Michael says:

Which Instant Pot is best? Also, how do you prevent the beans from producing so much gas? whew!

AsintheDaysofNoah says:

Can you plz put link to recipe? How much of the spices?

Carolyn King says:

Just don't talk sooo much.

lorena pichardo says:

How do you get your iodized

Marge R says:

I like her recipes! I will make the almond milk because it looks so easy! Everything looks so yummy! Thanks.

Suzanne Leblanc says:

I really enoyed this episode! Thank you!

moabthedog says:

Really enjoying your videos' Thank you so much for educating me! You're so fun and cute too.

Odalys n Nelson Fernand says:

I feel like I am hanging out with you. Cool.

Kat Cederberg says:

LOL "No glove, no love." You are hilarious AJ!

Rebeca Perez says:

Thank you for recipes!

Michelle Savage says:

I love you Chef AJ… You're My Earth Angel Chef

Susan Townsend says:

I am not to kesn on mushroom but I will try

Susan Townsend says:

That chocolate shake looks really good

Susan Townsend says:

Just found you! I have seen 3 videos, love it.. and I like your style. I just shared our with my face bk page too.

C'est LaVie says:

You make nice videos~ yummy 😋

Hoof Hearted Ice Melted says:

15:21 – "If food tastes delicious, people will eat it in spite of the fact it's healthy". That's crazy. People have to enjoy the taste of food before they refrain from injuring their bodies. But I guess you can lead a horse to water right? Thanks chef AJ. This video was absolutely awesome and your food kicks ass. Thanks for all the effort. Shared to Facebook.

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