3 Minute Tomato Pasta Sauce | Jamie Oliver & Davina McCall

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Who doesn’t love a simple tomato pasta? It’s a classic that can be taken in so many ways, and Jamie’s got some little hints to make this so quick, delicious and easy that you’ll have no excuses not to cook from scratch at all. To make it even more special, Jamie’s got Davina on hand, as they were filming a new documentary celebrating 20 Years of The Naked Chef. Make sure you keep an eye out for that one too!

If you’re UK based you can catch up on me and Davina on my special ‘Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef Bares All’ on Channel4.com

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Mirza Baig says:

If I cook like Jamie Oliver, my entire kitchen would be covered with tomato sauce and pasta water.

Doctor Crusher says:

Longer than three minutes mate. I tried and the peas were hard and pasta took 7 minutes to cook

Beatlelaura says:

Have you sped Jamie up? He’s talking/cooking pretty fast..!

Белая Пушистая says:

Вы волшебник! Обожаю Ваши рецепты

Nadine Hildebrand says:

Jammy I love this tomato souse

Franco Crescenzo says:

Great, I'm about to cook, can you please mix my music with your video?

Arun Shankar S says:

It's a three minute recipe if you fast forward the chopping and washing of the garlic, chilly etc

Malte says:

Thats not 3minutes in my case

Chabz Official says:

Long strokes

Karla Fabon says:

I love his white pan.

Dina Lugo says:

I love james, you are an amazing chef! Thanks

It’s Joshua says:

I have to say it could only get better if you added bacon

Pen Muni says:

Oh he's so gonna tap that

Aaron Shirlow says:

School dinners?

Teodora Georgieva says:

Quick, simple and delishious! Thanks Jamie!

David Cameron says:

No way are those peas cooked

Jeffery Daley says:

Don't use ure hands ?

Isabel Martín says:

I am loving this!!❤❤❤I don't use tinned tomato because I read that it is supposed to be unhealthy(?), si I buy it in Tetra-pack.

Chef Jaymeen says:

I add little touch of paprika to somokyness to the sauce

arrivagabry says:

I am an Italian that lives in Italy and he did a pretty good job, glad he didn't cook the basil, in order to get the full aroma it has to be raw, better yet if ripped with your hands and put on top of the pasta. Cooked basil looses the aroma, same with parsley He made mal tagliati that means badly cut.

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