The classic French Ratatouille – (goes great with many dishes)

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this video will show you step by step how to make the french ratatouille recipe. Ratatouille is a typical example of a great simple, healthy and delicious vegetable dish that is easy to make and is suited for adult and kids.

It can be serve on its own with bread for a complete vegetarian dish. that simple recipe uses a mix of aubergines, zucchini,onions,garlic, tomatoes and bell peppers stewed together at low heat. it only takes 30 minutes to make including cooking time. In France this is staple dish that is commonly made by parent for the whole family

Ingredients to use:
1 small aubergine (eggplant
1 zucchini (courgette)
2 small bell peppers
1 garlic clove
1 small onion
few twigs of fresh Thyme
1 bouquet garni (in a sachet)
3 bay leaves.
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil to cook.


pavan kalyan says:

French doesn't use bayleaf in thier cuisine…cutoff that

evelyn baron says:

will comment in English because admittedly it is the linqua franca on the internet. My mother and godmother were French and since they have been gone have been looking for recipes that feel familiar. it took 8 videos to get here; baked in oven for an hour, all kinds of nonsense to me and I do not wish to offend anyone. I would recommend this simple and elegant dish to anyone; a side dish of course but if you are vegan you can change it by adding perhaps mushrooms a little more vegetable stock than usual to a cup of red lentils; vegan parmesan vr easy to find on the internet; even on rotini or penne pasta. Always room for creativity. This guy is exceptional; really pay attention to what he is doing vr important. Merci mille fois et bonne annee! (left accents off identity crisis)

Maria Alejandra Paula Sanchez Celery-Morere says:

Gracias por la real sencillez de la cocina casera francesa. Esta receta es la de mi abuela.
Sencilla y deliciosa.

eri says:


Shabia71 Khanom says:

My aubergine was uncooked and courgette mushy!! Don’t the aubergine need to cook with peppers?

Gidda Bug says:

What can I use to substitute for the bouquet garni?

SilverXeno says:

The ingredient list leaves out the fresh tomatoes as well as the passata.

Ron Schlorff says:

Thanks for the "vegetarian" recipes. I may not be one of those, but we "carnivores" do like a nice hearty veggie side dish, like this one, as we snarl down our big chucks of animal flesh!! πŸ˜€ LOL.

capuchadou says:

I just made this recipe an hour ago and couldn't believe I was capable of making something so delicious and satisfying. I can't thank you enough for this channel. This ratatouille is hands down, the best tasting thing I ever made. I was surprised at the amount of flavor, being overwhelmed with the first bite. Now I have to try more of your recipes. Many thanks, my friend.

Roger rtewwr says:

You had me until the raw whole fennel seeds

Alyssa Stevens says:

Oh I thought it got a tomato sauce and bechamel.

Delicious Vegans says:

This is not Ratatouille, I saw the pixar movie I know what it is supposed to look like.

IrradiatedMushroom says:

My Local Tesco doesn't do Bouquet Garni so what do?

Steven Easker says:

I tried this today, but goofed it up by trying to make too much at once. I wanted to make a big batch to have for the week for myself, my daughter and my son in law. Over crowding the pan and using very juicy Cherokee Purple tomato's from my garden resulted in way to much liquid in the pan. It was nearly vegetable soup. I didn't want to lose all that flavor by just draining off the liquid, so I fixed it by draining the liquid off and back into the pan and reducing it by about 80%. Added the reduced liquid back to the vegetables and wow, the flavor is just incredible.

Thanks for all the great videos.

Keren C says:

If I can't find bouquet garni, what can I use as substitute?

Nancy H Alwin says:

Thomas I ordered a copy of Escoffier, it’s due to arrive tomorrow! Can’t wait to read thru it, TY for introducing me to his work.

tjiauw Fong says:

i like it ☺

Edward Todd says:

I like to keep some in the fridge and have it on toast for a snack

Leila Mo says:

What was the name of the tea bag

David Tissera says:

Great recepie.

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