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BECOME A STUDENT OF OUR FRENCH ONLINE CULINARY SCHOOL TODAY! In this Beurre blanc video tutorial you will learn how to make a classic Beurre Blanc step by step.

For the Ingredients and written recipe:

The Beurre Blanc is an emulsion of half-salted butter and a reduction of white wine, vinegar and shallots. The white wine and vinegar are reduced by half with the gray shallots, then the butter is gently incorporated and whipped over very low heat (do not exceed the temperature of 65 degrees) in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.

This sauce is served hot as an accompaniment, without waiting, a dish, usually salmon, tuna or white fish. Water can be added before the butter is incorporated in plots. After the butter has melted, leave the shallots or pass the sauce through a sieve ( chinois) which will then make what we called a butter Nantais.

utensils you may want to get:
Saucier pan:

filet knife:


My Filming equipment:

Video camera:

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Roxanne says:

Why not turn the shallot into a paste first?

Arthas Menethil says:

9:00 im just picturing some french chef inventing this sauce by standing behind his saucier and yelling at him "more butter. No, I said more butter. I said more butter! I want our customers arteries to clog and their hearts to stop before they finish their dinner!" while his saucier is sobbing and telling him, like Scotty from Star Trek, "I'm givin' her all she's got cap'n!" after depleting his butter supplies.

Leonardo Alves says:

When will the courses be opened on the online school?

Frank Kolton says:

I am impressed that you are able to make it without using a double boiler (bain-marie), that takes some practice. I've curdled many butter based sauces over the years trying to get that skill down. Thank you for the videos, they are very good and well presented. You are both and excellent cook and teacher.

H Ly says:

Once you master the Beurre Monte technique your on your way to becoming a French Saucier

Stuart Brooks says:

Needs a little lemon for fish

Anand Dodani says:

Incorporating 😎

monelle says:

How do you say OMG in French? 🙂

Dodged a Bullet says:

I use cream sherry…that's all I had on-hand…and used apple cider vinegar because that's all I had on-hand…turned out great! Poured over my mahi-mahi on brown rice with a apple/avacodo salsa! Whoa! : )

Roberto Lopez says:

Hes talking too much!

minawanders says:

Dang I’m watching this at 3am and now I’m starving 🤤

Dan Sanders says:

What can we do with the leftover shallots?

DisconnectedAG says:

Dude needs to sharpen his knives. Good video otherwise.

cristopher wong says:

English call it puny size.

But very cultured English call it smoll cuts

Avalon Sophia says:

Let’s say that you’re really allergic to fish, what else could you replace the fish with? Possibly mushroom?

Scotty G says:

Your videos are so darn clear and helpful and detailed! Jacques Pepin would be proud, I’m thinking!

Stanislaw II says:

I have been told for fish you should only use fork as a form of good manners.

Toasted Cheeseburger says:

As Beautiful And Delicious As That Sauce Is, It Can't Be Healthy

صدام حرب says:

شكرا لك. أتمنى أن أتعلم منك. 🌹

Ivan Poulsen says:

Luv u man….u re a star!

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