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Make your own delicious batches of cereal at home with Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Chocolate Porridge. A great get-set recipe that will help you get ahead during the week. Get the recipe here: http://thehappyfoodie.co.uk/recipes/chocolate-porridge-greek-yoghurt-and-fresh-seasonal-fruit

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Lina Wu says:

Wow! I can make it as breakfast!

For What says:

Bizarre just bizarre but then again it's Jamie Oliver why am not surprised

WolraadWoltemade 1652 says:

Where is the milk and sugar?

Bee says:

You can get pretty much the same effect by adding hot chocolate powder. You can get a flavoured one and it's low calories. Just make up normal porridge and add a couple tablespoons of the powder.

Ismail Essa says:

Would it taste/be different with water instead of coconut water?

EveNino says:

Me encanta 😘😘😘😘😘

Angelica Bandal says:

It's champoradooooo! ❀️

Fyrhp says:

How many calories tho

MAJIDA ojbd says:

love it πŸ˜ƒ

rose ann Quiambao says:

filipinos have something similar to this. we call it champorado. only 4 ingredients: unsweetened cocoa, brown sugar, glutinous rice and water. just boil and mix everything. put it in a bowl then add some milk to put it to the next level πŸ˜‹

Leafeix says:

I'll try it without dates. Seems delicious otherwise, though.

Chris Goodwin says:

Big fan of this recipe and this book, which I just got for Christmas! One question. when Jamie refers to Greek yogurt is he talking plain or flavored (ie vanilla)?

Frida SjΓΆborg says:

have a feeling i will not enjoy it hot, i will however try this as an overnight oat with almondmilk instead of coconut water ( but loved the coconut water idea) πŸ™‚

Mark McClintock says:

Ingredient shopping tomorrow!

No andno says:

I just tried to male chocolate pride using my own recioe. Tasted good but the past were undercooked. I like really creamy oatmeal, but I'm having trouble getting the right consistency.

Fanny's Place says:

that's so great… thanks

Terence says:

This is great, I love it! I love it so much I made a double helping by mistake (misread the amount of dates so had to double up in the end). Now that I've got so much that even Oliver would stop asking for more, I'm at a bit of a loss, can I pack the dry mixture into portion sized bags and pop 'em in the freezer for longer storing perhaps?

Freshly Baked Nonsense says:

I usually have my porridge with frozen rasberries (they get soft thanks to the warm porridge) then add some peanut butter and top it off with chopped roasted nuts for some crunchiness. Yummm

VeryCherry says:

Yummyyyyy ;D

Kat Wilson says:

Salted caramel spread and banana is my topping of choice.

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