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Vibe With Me by Joakim Karud
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PlantFitt says:

What's good guys! I've recently written an eBook which has over 130 pages of valuable content along with 35 Vegan recipes! You can get your hands on a FREE sample including 5 delicious recipes by following this link cheers 🙂

Skye Lopez says:

that looks so good😊

Hitogokochi says:

Nice to see you using a Macbook for its proper purpose – Apple computers tend to break in about a week and almost no one can afford the repair bill! 😉

Broken Down GTI says:

It's not a full English if it's vegan

Pat's Public Health says:

love a vegan fry up – great channel bro looking forward to seeing it grow !

Matt Logan says:

really nice idea to add a PFM entry to myfitnesspal

Matt Logan says:

wouldn't catch me sacrificing my mac for tofu😂also bro you can wrap it in kitchen roll and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, that drains it really good too

Jiwei Yang says:

Hi. I would like to be a Vegan but I live with my family. The rest of my family are meat eaters. My mother will always prepare meals for me that have meat in them. What should I do?  Do you face this problem too?

thats life says:

Is a 50c 30p 20 f good split for a vegan diet ?

Leonardobarc says:

Great video man, keep them coming

Marcelo Aldi says:

AMAZING !!! we definitely need the PFM COOKBOOK! !!

Cody Russell says:

Looks like ill be having myself a PFM full english brekky this weekend!! smashing it with the videos 🙂

Geeezuhs says:

Awesome video man!!! Gotta try this recipe soon, looks good af🤙🏽

Aditya Singh Sisodia says:

0 Fibre doesn't look right. Great video though. Keep up the good work.

A Munnelly says:

Glad your happy about your cheat meal…

Viny's Kitchen says:

Great content!Keep it up.

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