zucchini cake

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Learn to make a delicious Zucchini cake with the london foodie in new york.


Diane Leonard says:

Looks yummy!

AMonikaD says:

…so you wait until FOUR minutes into your video to tell people to keep the flower separate till the end???? You jut gave me that clump of mess you speak of !!!!!!!!! I am not a baker, I was following you along dumping everything on the flour. Not nice, chickita, not nice!!!!!!!!

Rosario Longoria says:

How was the cinnamon???🍰

Lulu Sun says:

How could I get your recipe? for 350 F, what' s the baking time?

shelby marie says:

tried to go to your website but it's not working πŸ™

shelby marie says:

Thank you for sharing and welcome!! Β Glad to have you hear πŸ™‚

Swapna Shekar says:

Looks very simple… gonna try it for sure..

Dora Luque says:

Thank you so much for the recipe…I baked it today and it was really delicious, the cinammon defenitely gives it alot of flavor πŸ™‚ yummy

speedybrook says:

perfect… i have zucchini's the size Pillows… im going to make this tomarrow… but i'll have to come back and rewatch it to write down all the measurements =). and thank you!

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