Hello Fresh Unboxing Vegetarian Box

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First box $40 off. Makes it $20 for 3 meals for 2 people (Classic or Vegetarian).


nessaellen says:

I’m especially interested in this. I just ordered a HF vegetarian box. My eldest loves cooking and he’s more experimental with what he eats. Izzy doesn’t like any food that isn’t a chicken in nugget form, but David and I are vegetarian. I can’t eat gluten because of chemo, it’s messed me all up, but I feel like we can make a lot of these recipes gf with a couple of substitutes. A lot of the vegetarian recipes were pasta heavy, but I’m hopeful

asilva anil says:

Nice dear thanks for sharing watch my new upload

Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

I am really impressed with the packaging.

Tracy Ogden says:

I will probably try this one at some point. 😊

Tracy Ogden says:

I did an annual subscription to Fab Fit Fun last December. Its hit or miss with me. I have a code that I can email you so you can get a Starter Box for just the shipping($5). Its a nice way to get an idea of what you get in the regular boxes😊

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