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Jamie’s got together a load of great tips and tricks for you, and they’re all about VEG! From peeling garlic, to destoning avocado, he’s got a whole bunch of fantastic ways to prep, including a little cameo from Gennaro at the end. Enjoy!

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Jyl Lytle says:

I didn't know that celery trick. That's pretty clever.

Triton Memnon says:

You are a wonderful Chef. Your Family and Friends believe in you. Your efforts for the betterment and greater health of ALL the World is noted. If you are chasing a Michelin Stars you can surely achieve that end. But you MUST stop looking over your shoulder at others that have offered the World far less than you have.

carmenza Gonzalez says:

Great video. Basic skills we all need in the kitchen

Crina Balan says:

My Veg book arrived today! I am so happy!!!!

Pru Broughton says:

I think one of the most dangerous things in a kitchen is a blunt knife which makes all cutting chopping and carving jobs high risk

معرفه معرفه says:

A great methods


Nice .all the very best in future..Pls support my chennal..

Zineb Zineb says:

Thank you chef

شهيوات بسيطة لأم لجين says:

wow .thanks

Lamar says:

Total loser

رغده مصطفى says:

جيمى i follow you from 9years from egypt

sav chris says:

How can I make bread with vegetables in it?

Italian Lolo says:

Hello Jimmy I wish to meet you in order to watch you the truth and ask you to sign this wish my life I wish I realized if I love you very very

Celtic Corner says:

garlic shake it in a jar

Ульяна YYY says:

кто-нибудь сделайте перевод на русский!!!!Срооооооно!

Anna Zagorska says:


Mike DeMan says:

Jesus Jamie I don't think I've EVER seen so much content squeezed into 9 minutes ! Fantastic!

cyclocius says:

These are the best videos honestly. If you're cooking at home it can be hard to transfer what one recipe teaches you into another, especially if it's contextual. But these tips are universal and you can use them in any recipe.

Azizah S. says:

I was with you until you spoon that avocado. Just nah. Just peel it, save much more flesh

Angela Pandolfo says:

I love you Jamie. 💖

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