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Vegans only eat grass.

Intro Song: “No Beef” (VEGAN RAP) by DISL Automatic ft. TK The Artist. Find it here-

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Joey Carbstrong says:

Vegans only eat grass.

Sign up for a 22 day vegan challenge here:

Intro Song: "No Beef" (VEGAN RAP) by DISL Automatic ft. TK The Artist. Find it here-

quackss says:

Quack quack

Eduardo Hans says:

I see someone seasoning pasta water with a salt grinder (not to mention wasting that deliciously starchy pasta water) and I go like: "Ok, moving on…"

aburton83 says:

I just made my first bolognese using quorn mince. Looked almost the same… tasted.. different 😝I can get used to the taste. Felt good to know that no animals were sacrificed for my meal though!

Jaysen B says:

All about the twist

fake|it says:

I just use lentils, tomatoe pasta sauce and some veg and it's really nice

Robert Spreadborough says:

I don't trust anything in a packet – why don't you go shopping at a grocers instead of sainsbury and aldi – to make the kale, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli and tomatoes taste even better add some turmeric, cumin, thyme parsley sage and green chilli – that cheese looks like it was grown in a lab – you don't need to eat that stuff

Eltwaino 15 says:

Watch Some gordo Ramsey, you desperately need a lesson.

mercyx1984 says:

Does anyone know who swings the intro? Bloody good song

Emilytries Butmisunderstands says:

A man who can cook delicious vegan food😍❤️

TrinityRiver says:

Love this recipe and the bold gentleman cooking, and I want the shirt 😁 excellent recipe!!Thank you

Marduk Wings says:

Bulk bought some dehydrated soy mince. This video has come in handy 👍

Liam Hutchison says:

Why did you say the meatiest bolinayes when your vegan

Naturallyhoneybeecouponer1226 says:

Looks amazing I can't wait to make this!

wr104grb says:

Your spaghetti sucks, Carbstrong! Never use carrots in Bolognaise sauce. Its gives it a sweet taste. Use green and red paprika's in stead. 😉

Liam Hutchison says:

I’m not vegan but that looks lovely

Jay Cobbina says:

Throw a glass of vegan red wine and a bit of acidity too…..a few black.olives

D P says:

The bananas in the bg are great

mahmud rabbii says:

Just fucking show the recipe.You don’t have to repeat one bloody sentence over and over again.

Sofiaa a says:

as an italian I can tell this is one of the most italian bolognese made by someone that is not italian even if there is no meat..💯

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