Three veggie family meals that the whole family will eat

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Hey Guys! I’m really excited to be doing a little collab video with my friend Emma from Mamalina!

We are both raising our families as vegetarian so thought it would be fun to share three veggie meals that we cook for our families.

See Emma’s ‘3 Epic Veggie Meals’ here –

You can find Emma’s YouTube here –

And her IG here –

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I really hope you enjoyed this little video of what I eat and what the kids actually eat! We are trying to move towards a more plant based vegan diet but are veggie for now πŸ™‚


Rachel Johnson says:

looks yummy, going to definitely try the meatfree meatballs 😍

Lseverett5 says:

I said it on the other channel..if tofu is a regular part of your meals, invest in a tofu press. They are great for pressing out all the moisture. I believe I purchased mine on Amazon for $30.00. Had it for 8 years so far.

Carasforever says:

Love these recipes they are bit much vegan except for the butter. Definitely going to try.

Katie Chesworth says:

I'm going to try these meatballs on the kids! (wish me luck – one would basically exist on baked beans and fruit if he could)… where did the recipeΒ come from?

Marley Barley says:

You roll a lime or lemon before using it to get more juice out of it! Lovely meals

sinestau says:

do your kids eat the meals with chili and smoked paprika?

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