VEGAN TUNA PASTA BAKE! {simple student & family recipe!}

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Vegan tuna pasta bake! Great for students and bulk meals! You don’t have to use this sauce with wheat pasta, it also goes great with chickpea pasta! This tuna recipe is also really good on top of pizza and in salads!

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Ellie Nolan says:

Ohh Rachel please can you show us your herb garden and tell us all about what you grow and what you do to it? I love herb gardens… PLEASE?

Anthony Saucer says:

Rachel on your web page you say add lemon but you didn't add it when you made the video


Sounds promising

AndyOchoaR says:

I cant believe I've had "heart of palm" (palmito) in my family's kitchen all of my life, being a staple in my home country, and never thought of this! What an amazing idea!!

Ceolbeats says:

Doctor Neal Barnard &soya products

Sophie Astrid Rooth says:

Your gonna make me addicted to this . I used to love eating tuna pasta , do you thunk it works well in pasta salad ? That cheese is not the best with pasta , you need a vegan mozerella or the 'sheese' cheddar , also could have a vegan white sauce alternative with bread crumbs. I'm so hungry !

Melissa St-Pierre Bolduc says:

This recipe looks SOOOO good! I'm just wondering what would you add for proteins? Because I'm afraid it would not sustain me for very long or be very filling since it's just pasta and heart of palm…Thanks for the great ideas!

justalurkr says:

I have to admit that pasta Bake for me means elbowzzzzz

Renee Jordan says:

Can you do vegan snacks

Linda Casey says:

Have you tried the Vegetarian Butcher's Fish Free Tuna (and shrimp, etc) and their other products? I love it. 🌹

Amy Lonsdale says:

Could I use jackfruit instead of heart of palm?

Caroline Hendry says:

I love your recipes so much 😭 so many vegan recipes on YouTube consist of smoothie bowls and plain salads and I love hearty food! Thank you so much!

Nikky Brown says:

Where do you buy that brand of vegan cheese ?

Jasmine Marshall says:

Can i ask why you avoid soy? That’s literally the only thing i eat since i became vegan..

Billy Lav says:

What temperature and for how long did you bake it?

Suse Fink says:

I love your recipes they look so delicious and mouth watering.watching your videos at night is a bad idea though,might make one hungry🤭😊

Nicole says:

Thank you so much for this recipe! We substituted the heart of palm for tinned asparagus and it was delicious! Didn't look as much like tuna but tasted just like it!!

Shaheera All Biz says:

Thank you so much Rachel! Just new to your channel, Heart of Palm, who knew? Love this recipe, perfect for newly plant based kids! Hopefully run into you at the Vevoultion Festival x

J Bell917 says:

When chopping onions, chewing gum really helps as well. Also, I don't like the taste of balsamic vinegar so to take out the acidity, I use 1/8 – 1/4 tsp of baking soda in tomato sauce dishes. Great recipe video 👍

azaria watson says:

i love your channel

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