Veggie Spaghetti Plant Based Cooking🍝🌱🍅🤗

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Salutations Family👑
This is a quick recipe! No babysitting required! Just throw your veggies in the oven and use what you already have on hand to recreate a yummy spaghetti that your family and kids will really enjoy!

Vibrate Love💚
Vibrate Well👑


Mikey Wayne says:

Your voice tho 😍😍. Narrate my birth please 😂

99 overall Stoner says:

Mmmmmm 😛 a snack

I just don’t like tomatoes

LaShawn D Cave says:

Yep, I made it this today for my two oldest to take this back to College for a nice meal for a day or two. The only modification was the addition of roasted garlic cloves "don't judge me". 😋 Delicious. Thank you as always.

LaShawn D Cave says:

Thank You. I'm ggoing to make this, this weekend my two kids come home from College.

Tonya Randolph says:

Thanks for sharing. Looks good

Baushan Cain says:

Wow. You make this look easy. 😋
I love how you think. Lol 😎😋👊

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