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The other day, I was low on groceries and feeling lazy but hunger could not be denied! Enter: EASY VEGAN DROP BISCUITS n’ GRAVY.

Drop biscuits are easier to make than regular biscuits. No need to get your hands dirty and get your counter-top covered in flour. All you need to do is mix the ingredients together, spoon the batter on to a prepared baking sheet, and bake for about 15 minutes. They bake up warm and fluffy on the inside with crunchier edges all ’round.

You could use my almost instant lazy gravy recipe to go with this. Or use this even lazier version: vegan country gravy. It’s just flour browned with oil, salt, pepper, and plain plant-based milk. I like almond milk for this; the nutty flavour goes well.

Add some vegan sausage and maybe a salad to make a more complete meal. Or make some vegan fried ‘chicken’. There are no rules!

EASY VEGAN DROP BISCUITS & GRAVY (printable recipe):


Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits – more work but very nice (printable recipe):

Vegan Lazy Gravy – a herbaceous, almost instant gravy (printable recipe):

The Best Vegan Fried ‘Chicken’:


My recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng




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Jaime Woodruff says:

I really like this biscuit recipe!! I use it for my breakfast sausage sandwiches!!

K H says:

I miss a good, crumbly (tender) biscuit. Last time I had one was at Hardee's before I went vegetarian (10+ years). Flaky, layered Pillsbury style is nice, but I think your recipe will more closely match that Hardee's biscuit and my vague memory of the crumbly style my grandmother baked for my Southern grandfather.

You know what's weird? Instead of craving sausage crumbles in that gravy, I'm craving soft scrambled eggs, which is what I made a couple of years ago to sub meat gravy and use a carton of farmer's market eggs (I'm not 100% vegan, but I try harder than then). Bet I could make a softer tofu scramble with kala namak and this white sauce gravy!

I know it's a year old, but thanks for this recipe. And thanks to Lisa the Viet Vegan for bringing me here!

Cameshia Reviews says:

I just stop eating meat going on 6weeks small vlogger thank you for this video love learning new things

Curly and Unconventional says:

Going to make these this weekend :)! Thank you for sharing this ❀

DayNNightOG 4 says:

You're amazing

AdventureFam T says:

Making these now! I only had vanilla almost milk so I omitted the sugar and will use them as sweet biscuits with jam

Be Your Own Force Of Nature says:

Good Morning, my Friend! I saw this one last night around 11-ish and I'm going to make some for breakfast! It's 6:30, I'm up with my animals and the feelings are right! And, hey, thank you for coming into my life! Stay 'golden' and have a fabulous SundayπŸ’‹πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œβœ¨

Esther Verse says:

Heat oven at 450F? Jeez i nearly burnt my house down

cdw willow says:

Add bacon fat , emmmm.

The Green Bean Vegan says:

that looks good

24th Scientist says:

Thanks for sharing

Nathalie Lyttle says:

Just made these. Added a piece of a not-chik'n bouillon cube to the gravy and it is delish! It was a very quick easy recipe, which I like. Thanks much

Tangela Bernius says:

Recipe request: chicken patty like a "Tyson". I was able to get the texture using ground soy curls, but def not the flavor. I tried soaking the soy curls in a vegan chicken flavored broth. That wasn't enough.

Who’s Your Mama says:

Girl! I fucking looooove your channel. You’re a master! bows

HollyBerry says:

Mary do you have any biscuit, gravy, donut options without using OIL? Probably not, but just thought I'd ask. I'm new to being WFPB Vegan and I'm doing it by excluding oil. Love your videos!

Jo N says:

I love this

Dana says:

this recipe is honestly what's standing between me and giving up veganism πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I NEED my biscuits and gravy

anna nguyen says:

Lol I use chopsticks to mix everything

Sierra Farnum says:

You sorta sound like dory

First Gods says:

So both the buscuit and gravy are the same ingredients

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