Vegan Magnum Taste Test By 18 Year Vegan Veteran Taste Tester

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Vegan Magnums are here in Australia. Today is the official launch of them. What do you think?

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Adriana X says:

I can't wait to try the magnum 😭❤️

30RedPillsAday says:

What about Norwegian ice cream?

Ferris Vlog says:

rumor has it she was only cleaning for the camera

Healthy FIRE says:

For dinner tonight I had brioche hot cross buns, so good choc bliss and weiss mango sorbet. All vegan 🙂

AngelFromTheOtherSide says:

I love your content all of it! I would love to see Natasha and you do a few daily what I eat in a days:)

Li-San Loves says:

It’s good to see more vegan options for ice cream in Australia!

Klairee Berry says:

Oh dang yumm

TheRoshan says:

man australia is heaven for veganism. here in the US our dominos dont have vegan cheese, we dont have that so good sanitarium ice cream, and it looks like we wont be getting this magnum one any time soon. we do have so delicious and ben & jerrys vegan ice cream, but they are like 4-5$ for just 1 pint. Can't have that good stuff in the US, gotta keep americans dumb and fat :/

lisa gordon says:

DR “are they good for weight loss? no”


sulking now

TheFlonke88 says:

Never seen in Germany😠

Steven Smith says:

So Delicious- chocolate dipped caramel ice cream bars made with cashew milk FTW. I buy them like once a year but they are the best I've ever tried.

MMO Wolf says:

Why do you randomly put clips of your girl in your videos and in the thumb nail. I’m not arsed about her skinny ass… I’m here for the cycling.

MX Void says:

Where can we buy them?

Massimo Caradonna says:

You definitely told natasha to just walk around half dressed in the background. Not complaining. Just saying. Obv. L9ve the chan Dur

David Cummings says:

Soy Based Magnums …Sure much better option than dairy based Chocs …Only reservation …Is the extensive damage Soy plantations have on Wild Life ? …We've alradly lost Balinese Tiger and Soon the Sumatran will succumb to the same fate 🙁 ……Urgh ! I just wish food Corps would wise up and use Nut based milks Almonds ,Hazelnut, Coconut as oppose to Soy ….But its good u guys are dissing dairy products .

natureasintended says:

Vegan FTW including Vegan Magnum.
Animal Justice Project still needs more support

swites says:

Never had a vegan magnum. Might be hard to get in NZ? Although we get these 4packs of vegan "trumpets" occasionally(waffle cone with icecream and chocolate nuts on top). They're made in Italy too.

vaeolet says:

Lmao the clickbait is strong in this one

Sage says:

Omg I found these in Tesco… sooo fucking good

dan hug hes says:

DR that thumbnail totally nailed.

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