YouTube House Ep 8: Jazzy's 21st BDAY

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Enjoy episode 8 of the YouTube House! Where we all celebrated JazzyPoo’s special day! Make sure you’re following all the wonderful people in this video!

The YouTube House playlist:…

Jazmine Garcia:…
Obese to Beast:
Bloopers/Uncut footy:
Special Guest Shiva:

Barbell Brigade Workout:


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marochan says:

do u have the titles of the songs u use for ur videos? and where u get the songs? i'm always curious and check the description box to see if u have that info but u don't:(

Camile says:

That intro GAVE ME LIFE!!!

GetFitwithMindy says:

That intro is pretty funny.

Skye Siders says:

Your dress is seriously adorbs! 🙂

Dion Matson says:


EDshak says:

Wow is weird look at you guys using regular clothes, but everyone look great, hanging out with such close friends in her birthday definitely was awesome!!. Lov the vid Josie!!

WarChortle says:

Girls are dressed down to the nines.. Brian wears a fitness shirt. HAHA.


Scola Dondo says:

Hahaa I LOVE the intro! x

MattDoesFitness says:

Awesome editing Josie & can't believe this is almost over! Has gone quick!

marin roberto says:

@Josie Mai what is the name of the song at the benining of the video pleaseee

exstacy069 says:

HAPPY B-DAY JAZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

exstacy069 says:


Arlette Arreola Santos says:

whats the name of that song? at the beginning

Lauren Tickner says:

ahhahaha Jaz's cartwheel. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Fatloss & Family says:

This day looked SO FUN!
And all of your outfits were super on point, like dang!

Devraj Roy says:

That intro literally makes me so happy every time I see it!!

ObeseUndone says:

Great Episode Josie, and Jazzy I hope you had a great Birthday!, I'm enjoying all of the content coming from the group, its very inspirational

xoknguyen says:

What's the song in the beginning? Love it!

Emily Matisko says:

This was the last Youtube house episode?? Nooooo :'(

LankyProgressTV says:

Girl I'm so impressed with your editing!
That Mexican food after the workout though mmmmm

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