Potato Leek Soup from Garden Fresh Vegetables

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From the Chef’s Garden, Brandon gives you a step-by-step guide to making the freshest homemade Potato Leek Soup from all vegetables that he grew and just harvested out of the vegetable garden. This simple recipe has been adapted to use what we have grown.

Music: “Inner Light” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


Clarerolande Lefave says:

I made a leek soup and so good thanks for going through the methods I’ll make some this week

Jessie Pinkman says:

Dude, awesome video! I Love how you explained it so clearly!

toby Golding says:

now wanna c ur garden ..making this now

berry more says:

Look at those fresh and plumpy veggies they were so eager to be pulled and dumped into pot.

Richard Mang says:

That is awesome that you grew all of those beautiful vegetables! And that they were all ready for harvest at the same time, nice!

Maryam Freedom says:

I love it . Thanks for the share.. I'm making this tomorrow and with chunks. My boyfriend is so totally excited for me to try this one

Louis Goremucheche says:

I made this once and got hooked.

Eudora says:

I just watch these videos as a guide and then use some inspiration of my own. I also added in a carrot and used fresh parsley too at the end of cooking. I prefer my soup chunky so finely chopped the leeks and didn't blend it at the end. Extra garlic too for me! Was delicious.

ruth gody says:

Looks yummy

Deborah Rbinson says:

Looks delicious

Sierra Smitty says:

Mainly clicked because of the beautiful vegetables. Sounds like a great recipe! I cant wait till I can afford to live in a place with a yard, so I can have a nice garden.

Melanie E says:

This is beautiful!! What a great recipe too, definitely going to do it!

Stephanie Bravo says:

It looks delicious!

Nicola Bowden says:

Looks fabulous. I loved that it was all fresh ingredients and home grown too. What could be better. Thanks for sharing

D Parks says:

Excellent recipe and demonstration. Thank you.

zakia shariff says:

this makes for howmany people

AK Aqua says:

I LOVE leeks. I use them in my loaded potato soup. I'd like to try this version tho- it's probably much healthier than mine. I would have never thought to use bay leaves either! Nice video 🙂

my favorite video channel says:

U didn't blend it at the end? Omg

Mrs C says:

Great job on this video, your demonstration and explanation was concise and to the point. I make this also, however I do not add the heavy cream. Its a tasty soup. Thanks

Laurie Pace says:

I think I will take this and expand with celery and carrots and some mushrooms. Veggie broth and make up some cauliflower and make the creaminess or add to this. In process as I type. This looks wonderful.

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