The world's strongest vegan is back with yet another world record

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The Vegan-Badass is back. This was my first competition in more than two years and I made a clear statement by shattering my own world-record in the yoke-walk showing that 4 years after going vegan I’m still able to improve on a world class level and I’m back for more. Exactly two years after my Guinness world record Yoke-Walk with 555 kg I was able to improve my own record yesterday during my comeback to strongman sports with 5kg more weight and in a much quicker time of 28sec. This was the fourth world record break since my switch to a vegan diet.
Whoever still thinks that with a cruelty-free diet you aren’t able to perform as well as any other athlete, in any sports, can now at last start to open his/her eyes and face reality. Four years after going vegan I’m athletically back to 100 percent again, and this will not be the last thing you are going to hear from me. VEGAN POWER FOR LIFE!

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ricky shakes says:

you couldnt lift a grannys skirt

FIxt00l says:

My compliments, sir. I have just returned from the market, when an older woman badmouthed vegans, and I just asked if the cooked meal is suitable for vegetarians. I explained her that being vegan is no joke and it is quite an achievement. As a medical student, I never comment on what is wrong, let alone an incompetent person, and I had to repeat that to her 3 times!!! Doctors say vegetarian diet is very good for people with inflammations or arthritis, no wonder my body showed me the right way to go.

Part time Viking says:

Im curious about lever belt because I want to buy one im looking for non leather belt but i can’t find it 🙁

Ps. Sorry about my english
Im vegan too
And you always inspired me
dear Patrick with the whole heart
I admire you

drwhowho says:

meat eaters panic, animal killers panic

Davo says:

What’s the world record?

Drawing Disciple says:

What record? Record for the women’s weight?

Mel Knight says:

This guy is a joke.

Aarron Cooke says:

555kg or 1,250lb isn't WR… is this a joke or are you trying to insult other strong men by not including their official WRs done in proper comps?
If you want the WR you'll need to do more than 1,565lb or 709kg.

Automated Comment says:

My question is…why does he have a big ass gut?

boo bye says:

LOL its hilarious that people are gullible enough to believe him.

Bet You Wont Subscribeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

So many soyboys with anime pictures in the comment section…

Bet You Wont Subscribeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

There's a difference between world record and state record

Jacob Willing says:

Oh brother… too funny.

James Haskell says:

Click bait, o guess? No world record set in that video.

McSpitfire says:

1:55 failed lift.

Landon Jensen says:

Dont know what the world record broken here is

Aramis Stavridis says:

It’s not cause of the amount of steroids you take or anything

Jesse says:

How is 1232 on yoke a world record when 20+ competitors did 1300lbs for 50 ft with a 1100lb tire flip back at wsm qualifying rounds?

Joe Bot says:

Vegan pump – I guess Steroids are ok though lol what a hypacrite.

Joe Bot says:

Mini implements – must be a local show lmao – This guy is a fuckin joke.

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