What I Eat in a Day #8 – High Protein Vegetarian Meals

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Kas S. says:

So i just watched a french movie Young and Beautiful 2014 and damn the lead actress reminds me of u 😊 . U look so much alike.

Ivy Jacobs says:

Please do beauty videos again!

Miss Marble says:

I like how simple and healthy your recipes are

Always Lorna Marie says:

I love your food videos. Your so creative in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing beautiful one!

Inkedbooks says:

My fav videos of you! 💕

S. SR. says:

Do you have anywhere written recipes of this or a list of ingredients for convenience?! I want to make it allll. Love how simple your foods are and look so so good.

Jaimee York says:

Mmmmm frozen blueberries are delish! Very refreshing on a hot summer day, too!!

quesadillakoala says:

Going to have to remember this soup recipe come winter time! Thanks!

Destiny says:

Kodiak Cakes makes a protein cornbread if you want more protein!

Destiny says:

I'm surprised you didn't use a full onion, all the mushrooms and all of the beans. Why didn't you may I ask?

Chelsea Moller says:

You probably mentioned it already but is there a reason you eat vegan?

Kirstie Wallace says:

Hi Carah do you have a blog? Do you put recipes on it? Those Pancakes looked yummy.

Vanilla Kimchi says:

Did you squeeze out the moisture of your tofu?

Huzatron says:

I make a similar soup thing with butternut squash, and it's so good! Love these videos so much ❤️

Chaseyourdreamszzz🌈 says:

Omg Carah !!!am watching this video at night and man am hungry .!!!!The soup looks delicious can’t wait to give a try 💕

1329melissa says:

Omg im saving this video, that soup looks delicious!!! More protein ideas please and man, that sandwich looks great, i love sprouts myself girl, i can just eat them alone, theyre sooo good!!! Thanks love u guys!

Lauren says:

Not vegan but love these ideas. My son has nut and egg allergies so I have to get creative with his meals.

Marla Robinson says:

I will have to try that chili recipe

jsparkle84 says:

Yay! I needed some inspiration!

wondernessful says:

I love how the cat just watches you cook. so cute 😍

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