Chef's Night Out: New York's Oldest Gay Bar and Most Popular Lesbian Bar

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MeMe’s Diner, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, serves diner food with show-stopping ingredients and some of the best hospitality and service in town.

Owners Bill Clark and Libby Willis had a night out in Manhattan with their partners, grabbing drinks at New York City’s oldest gay bar, sampling the food at Chinatown hotspot Lalito, eating an Italian feast at Don Angie’s, and checking in at the Cubbyhole, NYC’s most famous lesbian bar. They ended the night with a layered cake and a riff on nachos.

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Beatrix Gold says:

The angry hets in the comment section cant handle an episode of unapologetically gay people enjoying a night of eating apparently! News flash, this wasn't for you!

Xavier Molina says:

Straight-man crush on Andrew. There, I said it.

Karl Kunath says:

its not a spot for anyone…shocking….who cares about your lifestyle…..people care about your food.

bryant2leo1976 says:

stop hating fuckers

Steven Trosiek says:

The bearded guy is so very cute.

Aragorn says:

Do all gays talk in that fucking cringe tone if yes then I fucking hate gays if no then I fucking hate gays

clo says:

Too many upsetheteros in the comment section, you cannot stand our people ? Then don't watch videos featuring them, go be angry elsewhere.

b-b says:

That cum back sauce probably had a different name origin…

MIDAS says:

One of the boring chef's night out

Elfeis Ojeis says:

allergic to mangoes 🥭..? really..? STFU!

Michael Wilson says:


Dave Otuwa says:

How "interceptional"! The cohort of this episode visits a joint owned and operated by a cohort of another episode of the very series.

Josh says:

Those potato’s she made at the beginning looked amazing !!!!

Ashley Quinn says:

Miss you, MeMe's 😘 I dream of your menu (and your hospitality) often. Can't wait to get back there and eat my way though THE ENTIRE MENU. Have a MeMe's Manhattan waiting for me ♥️

Lindsey Weber says:

meme's rules!!! i love meme's

bluemileDOTca says:

Worst episode ever?

Englewood Frank21 says:

Ah more douche chilling rich kid hipster chefs..never change Munchies.

mitch taylor says:

this is nyc now, brimming with bland boring aged hipsters
place looks like it was decorated with a 200$ ikea gift card , food is yukk. nothing original here , just more gentrification

Some Guy says:

What a toxic landwhale…

Ashley Kyra says:

He Said OMG Like A Million Times 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

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