Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Veggie Burgers | NYT Cooking

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Get the recipe: https://nyti.ms/2GtzZFb

Jamie Oliver is all about the veg: Watch him make his roasted black bean burgers with a zingy salsa.


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About NYT Cooking:
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UrbanExplorer1000 says:

this would destroy my stomach

JM Lav says:

Eat meat… it'S good for human.

Aileen Carrera says:

That looks AMAZING!! I love black beans in my burger!! Yummm!!

Jean-Marc Bonere says:

No sorry I can't get the idea of all this vegetarian or vegan food.

bluesquirrel says:

we can freeze them i suppose

DiiGiiTAL. exe says:

Would rather just have a vegetarian meal. This seems like such a faff just to have a plant-based meal that resembles a meat meal.

amanita333 says:

its funny… this shit is so processed u cant possibly get further from nature ^^

lets be real says:

That was the best, smoothest, easiest looking cutting of the onion. How do u do that like that lol?

brian wakefield says:

You know what would make this better? MEAT.

Demir DD says:

Ive been watching Jamies Kitchen since my Childhood

Richard Dobos says:

How mutch protein/100 gram is it?

hashachar70 says:

Temperature of oven, perchance?

imrandma says:

Going to give this a try. Got to give up meat and incorporate way more veggies.

paul torr says:

Being a veggie now is so much easier than 39 years ago when I changed and these recipes really help

Alex Maxwell says:

another black bean burger THANK THE GODS….step up the creativity it's 2020


defeating the purpose of a great veg burger piling all that artery clogging cheese on top……

Jonas Hammar says:

I really dont understand why people follow Jamie! This guy cant cook ! I used to have a restaurant and we thought lets have a "Jamie week". So We made 18 of his dishes… all tasted crap not good enough for my restaurant. Then we cooked 18 Gordon Ramsey dishes and all tasted fantastic. I have also been into one of Jamies restaurant… useless crap.

drmedwuast says:

Seeing Jamie edited like that is soooo refreshing. Like, I’ve watched literally thousand of hours of him being perfectly in his cooking energy. This is the way to go forward, I wanna see the mess ups.

Pauline Hilling says:

Why not just make it vegan? You were nearly there

la cha says:

Kinda useless without ingredient list. He skipped describing most of his seasonings. If you want to keep your recipe top secret then don't bother to make a video.

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