Vegan Green Bean Casserole | Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes | Vegan Comfort Classics

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Come join me while I show you how to make a #vegan green bean casserole for your #thanksgiving menu!

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Midnight Munchies and More says:

You guys!!! You can now buy my ecookbook on Etsy!

Noelia Molina says:

Im really excited to make this today for xmas eve dinner. Thanks for the recipe!

CallMeJentropy says:

Love your personality, and this recipe looks amazing! Subscribed!

Janice Eakin says:

Friend. This looks so good and my daughter is vegan. I have carnivores at the same dinner. I gotta make one for them too. Maybe I could get away with a big THIS casserole. Will they even notice? No!!

Yaz Valentin says:

I made this today and it came out AMAZING

Mother Bean says:

I was looking for a good recipe for Thanksgiving for my sister, since she's vegan, and I love this one! It looks creamy and not dry, it has all the components, and I like how simple it is. Just subscribed! I love your personality!

Nina Perez says:

I JUST SUBSCRIBED I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL !!! You are just so real and these recipes are EVERYTHING!!!!!

Jes Michaud says:

Thanks for mentioning the plam oil! Not enough people know how we’re harming ours and others environment. I appreciate you!

Yaz Valentin says:

Ooooooo a recipe without mushrooms 😍 some of my food aversions this pregnancy have been peppers and mushrooms

chris juarez says:

This is a great recipe, I am making it again this year.

Jody Kivlin says:

Love this!!!! On palm oil, I called Earth Balance and they said their organic Earth Balance does not come from orangutan country, so when I can I buy organic Earth Balance!! 🙂 (They also said they source for their other products from sustainable, monitored sources that are not supposed to impose on orangutan country.) Thanks for how to do VEGAN thanks-living!!! <3

Mary Corcoran says:

Thai you thank you THANK YOU!!!! These recipes are amazing 💕💕💕

Cara B. says:

Thank you for thinking of the orangutans!!

Extra Terrestrial says:

1:53 – That butter looks like a happy whale head and then you totally killed it so this is not vegan anymore… R.I.P 🙁

R. P. says:

Girrrl you are so fun to watch! Like, subscribed, and notified!!!

julio_rm says:

Just discovered your channel looking for vegan thanks giving recipes…… awesome work!! Great content and vibes! Keep being genuine💯💯💯

Caitlin Delaney says:

Omg I adore you. Where have you been all my life. You are awesome!

It's Timmy Bitch says:

You’re a hoot, in the best way possible! Liking, favoriting and subscribing! Thanks for making my day! ♥️

Savannah Samoian says:

This video made me immediately subscribe! Love it!

Lisa Salyers says:

What brand of sour cream did you use? I've never seen vegan sour cream that creamy before!!

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