What We Eat At A Vegetarian Potluck | Soccer Practice | Vegan Family Vlog

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All fun in this one, hardly any ‘teaching’ monologues. Join us for another vegan family vlog, where we attend a vegetarian family potluck dinner, take a walk in nature, and play some soccer.

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Donna Banks says:

Your little girl is very intelligent!

glenda sabo says:

The kids are like cute little flower children hippies!!!! So cute going back for a hug. That is love!!! I love all the sweaters Tuti wears!!!

Layla Darby says:

I love you videos, your children are beautiful, I love how you let them be children, most children I know are kept indoors glued to iPads or TV.

T har says:

OMgoodness, precious family. Love the curly curls on your little one. Do y'all homeschool? We've homeschooled for 12 years and counting. And where is that little bridge? It's the PERFECT place to take pics of those little ones. Just a lovely spot. Thanks for sharing.

Alex eats plants says:

We all really enjoy the Burgess animal and bird books!

MRN W says:


emma ashlyn says:

Where do you guys live?? again, much love to you and your family!! xx

Mjdekro says:

1:19 chemtrails

waldfee says:

Discovering nature with the kids ❤️ so beautiful

Single Lunch Gal says:

Your kids faces always makes me smile. Tulani (please forgive me if i misspelled her name) is a true doll

Maureen Miettinen says:

Love to see incredible parenting like this!!! Rock on!!!

Derek Holmes says:

My daughter learned to read and write by age 4 with that book. So glad someone recommended it to us. I ordered some of that tahini. Can't wait to try it.

KaroAdC says:

Love you all :))))
Is your wife also raw vegan?
Sacred Raw Food

Jen Rivera Bell says:

I love these vlogy videos. So positive and inspiring. <3

KAHYRAwspiring says:

What a gem of a channel I'm in love :')

Susanelizabeth Turner says:

You guy always make me smile! Precious family!

Angela Cummins says:

beautiful children they are, love your videos 🙂 an inspiration for parenting

SandyzSerious says:

Wonderful, inspiring family.

Krystian D. says:

I love watching yours videos 🙂 Greetings from Poland 😉

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