How to Make EASY Vegan Spaghetti | No Excuses #2 ~ Brown Vegan

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In this video, I show you how to make a quick and easy vegan spaghetti for an easy, inexpensive and filling meal. This recipe is perfect for the days when you don’t feel like cooking or if you’re new to vegan life. Enjoy!

Blog post for this video:

Dry pasta is usually vegan and fresh pasta typically contains egg

Popular spaghetti noodles that are vegan:
*Lundberg spaghetti
*Ancient Harvest quinoa spaghetti
*San Giorgio spaghetti
*Barilla spaghetti
*Ronzoni spaghetti

Popular spaghetti sauces that are vegan:

FTC: This is NOT a sponsored video. I used my own money to purchase each product and all opinions are my own.

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Manual Pedal says:

Today is national spaghetti day. And I'm a cyclist so I'm definitely making this tonight.

NC Triad Vegfest says:

Amazing!!! We are adding this video to our next challenge!!!

Selena Padilla says:

You helped me learn how
To make vegan spaghetti thanks 💕

L&T Moore says:

Y'all is it just me or does the beyond crumbles taste like dog food? 🤔 really can't get passed it

Kueen Bee says:

That looks delicious and simple, can you make a video on red lentil pasta?

ShaFilms says:

Thank you so much for this! Now I can get back to eating my favorite dish – "Spaghetti"

Erick Burgos says:

Nice, brilliant 👍

thats maney says:

So so so beautiful!

Luis Ruiz says:

I'm about this

Selena Padilla says:


Hoppegy Puma says:

Thank you for the recipe, and much love from Hungary! :)))

Feee Lion says:

Sis you said soy freeeeee??????

lizz hernandez says:

im so glad i found this channel! Youre awesome!


I enjoy using tofu. I get the super firm kind, cook it to be nice and brown, and add garlic, onion, and basil!

Carmelita Nazario KPOPSongbirdSupreme says:

By the way, Mrs. Brown Vegan, how much is that vegan meat alternative? Because I just wanna buy these. 🙂

Aaron Mac says:

Yes! I am so here for more vegans of color! ❤
This channel is also super great. So simple and easy. 😊

Cara Adventures Kids Tv says:

Great vid! We have been conforming to a diet similar to this. All the dishes look great! We will have to go thru your vids and try your recipes.

Angie P says:

I've been vegan 2 weeks now and i will be trying this!! thank you 🙂

SogMosee says:

How large was the bottle of sauce? How big was your bag (or box) of noodles? Did you use the whole bag (or box)?

Also, how much water did you fill the pot with to bring to a boil? I have never cooked spaghetti before. Please help me? I checked your blog, can you provide more detailed instructions on measurements and time spent cooking at each stage?

Amanda Chaotic says:

Something I love to use in my meat sauce is TVP (textured vegetable protein).
It's flavorless and dry, so I brown it with onions and garlic before I hydrate it with water. I throw some spices in there too so the protein absorbs some flavor. Then I add diced tomatoes, tomato paste, and more water and reduce it down to a thick sauce.

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