How to Make Mushroom Stroganoff | Jamie Oliver | VEG

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This is a cracking little recipe from Jamie’s brand new book VEG, which is definitely not just for vegetarians it’s one for the meat eaters as well. The creamy, spiced Stroganoff is so tasty the you really aren’t going to miss the meat!!
“Look at the Colours!!”

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bhu vidya says:

Yum. Me be cooking this real soon.

John Snow says:

I used to be a meat eater – now mostly vegan and could not have imagined how well I would feel without toxic animal products. This is the way for most humans to eat.

bluefoz says:

Looks amazing, but that amount of different mushrooms would cost a fortune, so I won't be making it.

PDK O'Dude says:

Nice! I cook this a lot but never dry fry the mushrooms first…will be trying that tonight. I usually use veg stock instead of plain water and I always add a diced chilli to bring a bit of heat! Works perfectly!

user2796 says:

I’d love to make this but booze costs 10 times more in Sweden :/

Jule Caesara says:

Why on earth have I never thought about pouring alcohol into my mushroom stroganof? THIS IS FRIKKIN BRILLIANT

Eating to Live says:


Lara King says:

Nice to see a famous chef not being disgusted at the thoughts of a Vegetarian or Vegan meal. Nevermind writing a book. Thanks Jamie 👍

Jules Mpc says:

I will try yogurt as to keep true to my freakish diet 🙄 plus coliflower "rice"

LolaRouge10 says:

Add straw potato fries and you have a vegetarian version of a Brazilian classic. The crunch it adds just makes it perfect.

Небојша Терзић says:

I love cooking…Great content and video quality. Keep up the good work! 👍

Ah'At Bishokuya says:

I dont consume have alcohol, is there anything else I can use?

Lily Morgan says:

Definitely going to try this recipe 😘🤗🙋🏾‍♀️

A. Campos says:

Wow I want that book for Christmas 🙂
Thank you Jamie, you are my favourite Chef

Mr. Heiopei says:

lol, did you add meat on the plate in the end?

Ling Lee says:

Oh yes, I was thinking what is the best staple to serve the dish with and you dish out basmati rice. Yes, the texture of basmati rice certainly brings out the best of the mushroom stroganoff. So brilliant!

therocket86 says:

For the number of times he said "veg", mushroom isn't one… Don't think this qualifies as a vegetarian dish. It's meat free and it's delicious.

arialblack87 says:

Looks amazing. Thank you for cooking without meat and for the Veg book. Love from Spain

mayura adhikari says:

I was wondering at the end what was that background music??!!!! 😆😆

D.R. Nurkusuma says:

Hey, Jamie. Please sell your books in Indonesia. It's really hard to find your cooking books in our bookstores. Especially this Veg book. Really really want to buy it.

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