How to Make The Easiest Ratatouille

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Becky teaches Bridget how to make the easiest ratatouille recipe.

Get the recipe for Walkaway Ratatouille:
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1234 Coffee says:

I wanted to see if they can perfect the technique from ratatouille like the movie but this looks good to

Mama SITA says:

Not Ratatouille. Sorry.

Susan Kiarie says:

This is so much easier. Thank you I will try this easy recipe next time.

Myriam Arevalo says:

When vegetables are cooked too much they lose their nutrients. I will do it my way. Thank you for the recipe.

lflagr says:

Just made this last night. By far the best ratatouille recipe I've tried. I didn't have sherry vinegar so I used balsamic vinegar instead…just as good. 🙂

Annie C says:

I made this tonight and served it with brown and black rice. Honestly, it could not have been better!

JustinHEMI says:

I just made this tonight, fantastic! I'm going to make this over and over again haha.

yogiyoda says:

Remy approves!

Katherine Kelly says:

Love the relaxed conversational tone – like I’m sitting in a friend’s kitchen 🙂

David Smith says:

I made the ratatouille and I do like this method better! Much less water and more tasty.

Toni Lyng says:

I love this recipe. I used harisa for the extra kick and less salt (that’s just my preference). I don’t have a “conventional” oven so I used my Instant Pot to slowly reduce the liquid. Thanks for the tip on peeling the eggplant. Strangely enough, I could not find the Herbs de Provence as you described even though I live in France. I may have to check a specialty food/cooking shop.

biscuitninja says:

Opens a bottle if Cotes de Provence.
A crusty bread on the side.

MedicRNMike says:

Julia Child is rolling in her grave with this recipe!

Cindy O says:

Would this still work with an all metal (stainless steel+ aluminum) dutch oven?

NaturalFlirtGamer says:

Ratatouille is a wonderful dish… the best part of this recipe was the nice deep flavor you got from basically roasting the vegetables so they're not watery. Reminds me of the Greek briami which includes potatoes & substitutes oregano & mint for the herbs de Provence. Altho I'm an unashamed carnivore, I love my veggies! Great job!

V I says:

I saute each vegetable separately then add to sauted onions, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. Keeps vegerables' integrity and not mushy or watery. Don't forget to add fresh basil and parsely at the end. You're welcome

James Goacher says:

That was sacrilege. When the first exit of the oven took place I thought "That lloks bland" then she mashed it up.
ALL of the vegatables should be seen.
I feel sad. I am going to watch a French Mans video now just to h=get my senses right. I am English btw.

Will Ford says:

**No Rats were hurt in the making of this Video.

Debbie Reynolds says:

After recently going through diabetic management classes I appreciate great vegetable dishes cutting back on the carbs. I could serve this a few times a week for lunch or dinner. What a great recipe. Thanks for this video, great as usual!!!!

gr8tgee says:

Im waiting for a good Salisburysteak recipe from the test kitchen😊

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