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Here’s a great meat-free version of a classic dish. Packed with beans, pulses, vegetables and herbs then topped with soft sweet potato and finished with crispy breadcrumbs, this healthy vegan recipe is great for everyone.

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This recipe:

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Ardoxsho says:

The really interesting thing is, when he said he got cramps while chopping onion. That should have raised a flag for him. It did for me. Like, what, cramps? A vegan diet is great for some, just not others. Now I learn that he gave up the vegan diet.

Wonder Woman says:

He’s not longer vegan lol at how he says his joints feel better. When he came off the vegan diet he admitted his joints hurt but he lied to himself and kept struggle until he could no longer hack it

Michella Michella says:

I used to be vegan for six years, but not no more. I hated pretending that I’m eating meat using substitutes. Nah!

Spha Mgabi says:

I think that should be called a gardener's pie😎

Gurtej Rana says:

LOL when you realise Tim Shieff isn't vegan anymore

Levi Skardsen says:

Shouldn't it be called gardener's pie?

Karolina Liszewska says:

What?! You absolutely CANNOT cook with flaxseed oil, ever! It has the lowest smoke point of all oils – it literally burns if you cook with it – and releases cancerous free radicals. Such a dangerous mistake, especially when it's from an authority in the cooking world. (Jamie may not be cooking in this video, but it's branded with his name)

Uncle Gilbert says:

This is unwatchable. The irritating editing and the switching back to him jumping about. Switching off.

rosalind pilling says:

This guy is awesome making this to nite 😃his moves are so Amazing Awsome😘

Vivek Kedia says:

Isn't this guy a flat earther?

Diane Epps says:

It’s not a shepherds pie it’s a vegetable pie

Sean Rance says:

It’s a shame that likely one of the best Gardener’s Pie recipes on YouTube is barely watchable with cringey music and parkour vids.

*Veganislife* says:

Hand was cramping from all the piss you were drinking Tim.

Andrew Hayes says:

Have the bish bosh boys ripped this recipes off? it's remarkably similar.

SeedDub says:

The man's hand cramps up from chopping vegetables?

Semantic Samuel says:

You see, I'm looking at this as a non-vegetarian who's trying to eat less meat, but it just doesn't appeal to me. It doesn't help that mushrooms are the one food I really don't like (I'm otherwise an extremely unfussy eater). I tried Jamie's vegetarian chilli with sweet potato the other day and that was absolutely delicious – can't see why I'd want to use mince in it. A shepherd's pie though is all about that rich, savoury gravy and buttery, slightly crispy mash. I've been making it with half the amount of mince and substituting lentils and that works. Still, not everything will appeal to everyone. Looking forward to check out more vegan/vegetarian recipes. .

Reece Howell says:

it's not a shepherd's pie if it's not got lamb in it, is it though…

Jez Marsh says:

This is not sheppard's pie.

TheFettuck says:

Shepherd's pie is vegan! Shepherd's pie always includes lamb/sheep meat.

Liz Harley says:

I would add peas to make it look more authentic and colourful.

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