Best Vegetarian Pasta recipe

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A nice refreshing pasta can work wonders if made properly! World renowned chef Jake Sweeni can make magic in the kitchen as seen with this fantastic dish.


Krista Quorning says:

Ok at frist i thought he Was serious about the wife thing and i was concerned haha

Josh S says:

Lmmfgdao…….. I had to hit the pause button to say something here… hahaha oh hell funny shit cooking. Ok back to the video

Ash Romo says:

bro, i was genuinely just looking for a vegetarian spaghetti recipe

Dan Atkinson says:

Lmao when he brings that bottle of vodka out It suddenly becomes a meme

Martina Simon says:

He needs healing

Donald Wright says:

Dammm Karren what did you do to this guy!

cheruby cherub says:

🥶watching this at 7am 🤮

Donavin Stein says:

Wow. He is irritating.

Kebechet Ampu says:

Someone needs to get their head in their heart separated. This is so depressing shake my head I just wanted a decent vegetarian recipe not your life story about how do you are the victim 9 times out of 10 instead of paying attention to your wife he was too busy in the kitchen with his friend instead of his wife. Women just want to be valued and show their worth too many men take good women for granted.

zarita ghani says:

Mat saleh gile

cesar diaz bulda jr says:

Just disappointing hoping for the best spaghetti recipe 😢😢😢

Missy J says:

You're hilarious!

Lisa Renee says:

I think am inlove😍😍😍lol I wrote this before you spat into the sauce!!!

Alejandro Joga says:

Yo Dude best recipe video I've ever seen, have to put on some clean underwear now.

Also I need that guys name and address bruv,…. I got you.

Abir Amezzane says:

Holy shit this is my entire personality in one video

Keven Rosa says:

I am so happy that I found this video.

Queen Trending says:

I came here to learn how to make vegetarian spaghetti Not to be a marriage counselor

Queen Trending says:

Me randomly just watching the video:
Him randomly mentioning his ex-wife:
Me: WhAt ThE!?

qdor42 says:

Funny as shit

Imso BADKITTY says:

This is sad to watch someone not having appreciation for food this cost money just putting it on the garbage

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