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A lovely look back at the archives. Not only is this soup recipe full of delicious flavour, it’s also affordable, healthy, quick to make and uses just one pan! Jools Oliver uses bacon, rosemary and chopped onion to form the base, while carrots, leek, celery, borlotti beans and kale to make for a hearty soup that really packs an energy boosting protein punch! Serve with a wedge of brown bread for a complete meal your kids will love and you’ll feel great feeding them.

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Lord Rupert says:

Vegetable soup then adds bacon. Stop wasting our time ffs.

Uncle Gilbert says:

One day I'll find a recipe where someone has the flair and imagination NOT to include garlic.

Gary Gray says:

I cant wait to try this recipe!

roconnor01 says:

Vary up?????

Jupiter Moon says:

I think your family are LOVELY!

Stephanie Williams says:

Simple and quick. Thanks Jools!🤗

Chris J Mocke says:

love it thanx Jools

Lepewhi says:

Do rinse canned beans before using.

Shankar S says:

Bacon on a vegetable soup!

My whole life has been a lie

Birkett Family says:

Thank you Jools! This is such a yummy, nutritious, quick and simple soup recipe. I've made it quite a few times and the family love it. I would love to see some more of your recipes.

Elane Horhi says:

It looks like kind of blah! Maybe needs more cooking time so everything blends together. Right now looks like water runs off the vegetables more like a vegetable stew. Sometimes putting half of the soup in a blender helps it to look more creamy and like a “soup”.

Universal Vibes TV says:

Definitely needs some spices – pepper, cumin ,chilli powder/flakes, tumeric to give it a kick if preparing for adults.

jui bhadra says:

I love this soup so much! Thanks a ton for sharing the recipe.. I have made this over and over.. love it everytime!

VC1 says:

Yep, thats a good bog standard type veg soup. So simple, very cheap.

Marta Junkuszew says:

Love this soup do some thing same my self very tasty great to see you cooking on the Tube. watch Jamie all the time , look forward for more Bonaparte x

Lindsay James says:

I just made this soup. It was delicious. 💕

Heartland Light says:

She's wonderful! And for all of us, it's okay to be jealous of the kitchen.

Tabiri Petrovich says:

what bread is that?
English bread is square, white and horrible like english' head 🙂
you must have imported it from Poland 🙂

Darren Birchall says:

It’s absolutely delicious, thank you 👍🏻

Éva Róta says:

Love that soup, it's the best!!!

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