Easy Ways to Go Vegan/Vegetarian

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If you’ve ever considered going vegan or vegetarian and don’t know where to start, this might be just the video for you!

Hot For Food’s Cassava Bacon Recipe:

Vegan Nacho Cheese:

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Allison says:

I'm definitely going to try that cassava "bacon"

Bethany Guerrero says:

@marinashutup This is so awesome that you're sharing this info with your viewers! The thing about going vegan is that you have to eat way more that you're used to because the food is much less dense. So you have to eat at least around 2000 calories per day (more if you exercise regularly) which implies each meal is around 600-800 calories. Your stomach will stretch a little bit but then it will accommodate for the amount of food you're meant to consume. As far as veganism being something that people will have a hard time doing depending on where they are, race, money, etc. It can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Some of the cheapest foods out there are grains, rice, potatoes and bananas! The US has subsidized meat so it can be sold very cheap but around the world it is usually more expensive because it costs so much to produce. It can be more expensive to eat more fresh foods like veggies and fruit and may be inaccessible during winter months. But frozen veggies and fruits can be purchased for a reasonable price and then using a lot of inexpensive grains rice and potatoes will have you set! Check out @thatvegancouple, they have some what I eat in a day videos that show how they eat inexpensively or @cheaplazyvegan! @bitesizevegan had a great video where she interviewed sisters living in a country (I can't recall which one) and how hard it is for them to get food, but they are determined vegans and if they manage it, it seems most anyone can! I think if people really look into the ethics of it, then it makes it easier to go vegan. As far as getting an ethically sourced cheese, the dairy industry really is horrible even if the cheese doesn't include rennet. :/ there is a brand called go veggie that carries vegan Parmesan that tastes exactly like the real thing! If you can find it, try it out and you won't regret it. Best wishes and thank you for encouraging others to try more meals without meat!

Wondering Spirit says:

I live in a middle class area but I don't have many vegan options. In India I could find vegan options much easier and they're poor. It's more about what's popular in that area, I'm not under privileged and Indians aren't privileged simply because one has it easier to be vegan. Just because someone doesn't know about food deserts doesn't make them racist, that is such a strong word to use. For a while I focused on legumes and barely had any vegan products. Yes vegans should acknowledge that it's not easy for everyone but that's because people in their area aren't interested. I've emailed companies to try to get them to sell vegan products where I live but it won't work unless others are interested as well. Vegan products being more expensive isn't classism, it's economics, there's a small market so the shops need to make more profit per product. I've never heard anyone tell desperately poor people to go vegan, legumes are suggested to people who want to learn how to budget.

ostrichlives says:

White sugar? CHEESE? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! D:

Clint Sevilla says:

Check out the films: Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy.

Subscribe to Nutritionfacts by Dr. Michael Greger. Here will clear up many questions. His videos covers everything from acne to the cheapest antioxidant foods.

Clint Sevilla says:

Beans, rice, lentils, and potatoes are the cheapest foods you can buy, so veganism addresses social structures. Plus, taking grains and feeding them to cows (which literally consume tons of food per cow) devastates poor countries. It contributes to world hunger. Lastly, eating vegan addresses mental health. There is a clear correlation between eating more vegetables and improving metal health.

a privileged vegan says:

You go girl!!! I love you, this video, and veganism very much 🙂 <3

Riley J. Dennis says:

yayyy this is helpful thanks 😀

lovelylaura says:

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS VIEDO!!!! I had no idea about sugar and cheese omfg

mysticalcupcake says:


Sea Alley Music says:

The day I discovered Gardein crispy tenders was the day I realised I could happily cut meat from my diet 😍

Hara Joy says:

Good for you Marina! I've been vegetarian for a little over two years now, and planning on transitioning to vegan in the next couple of months. I love your videos, and I was quite excited to see you're on this path as well 🙂

Georgia says:

Omege 3's shouldn't be hard to get. A chia seeds, nuts (especially walnuts!), coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, etc, are all great sources.

Georgia says:

Coconut sugar is also great and it's low GI, so it's better for you than white sugar and raw sugar.

Tal Matan says:

Its good that you are reducing animal consumption.
However I think if your not vegan and not talking about cruelty towards animals than you're not the right person to lecture vegans about how their activism is not good enough or not pure enough for your own standards.

Annie594 says:

I went vegan about 3 months ago after 7 years being vego. I only just started buying cane sugar, as I didn't know other sugars used animal products. In Australia they also make low GI cane sugar which is an added bonus. It tastes pretty good as well.
Minimalist baker is a blog I use a lot of recipes from and I've found heaps of my substitutes on there.
Thanks for these tips Marina and I look forward to your video on intersectionality in the animal rights movement – its something you don't really hear about much.

Gavin The Spleen says:

holy fuck i didnt know that about sugar and have been veggie for like 8 years! oops! christ they put animals in everything

Cailin says:

My best tip is to buy beans and legumes like chickpeas or black beans in bulk! You just have to soak them in water overnight before you cook them, so they take more time than canned beans, but they are so much cheaper and don't have all the added salt or preservatives.

Chelsea Shurmantine says:

girrrrrl I haven't finished the video yet but i want you to talk way way more about feminism and animal rights. Personally, I think the two are linked but I don't see many resources on the subject.

Narnendil says:

I'm really interested in the race/abelism/etc. view on this! Looking forward to that!

Personally, lack of money and nut allergy give me troubles sometimes. I just don't like the taste of the non-cow milks, but I've heard almond milk is really good…. I'll never know..

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