Magnum Mini: Classic, Almond & White Ice Cream Bar Review

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This is a taste test/review of the Magnum Mini ice cream bars in 3 flavors: Classic, Almond and White. They are “vanilla bean ice cream dipped in milk chocolate, milk chocolate and almonds or white chocolate.” They are made with Belgian chocolate. There are 6 bars per box and they were $5.69 at Kroger. The milk chocolate and white are 150 calories and the milk chocolate and almonds is 160 calories.
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Julien Gonthier says:

7:48 name music

beautychan says:

🖐🏾give 🙎🏽a ⚪️🍫🍦🍫

Jodie Chapman says:

“Its good cold’’

Alphonso Upnor says:

They have magnum ice cream in pints now too.

BigC90 90 says:

We have these in small containers now in the UK

BigC90 90 says:

These are made by the Good Humor brand which is walls in the UK these have been popular in the UK for year's I was eating them growing up there 👌

Zack F says:

Chocolate is twice as thick on these bars compared to most conventional US bars from Nestle, Klondike, etc. I had the Tiramisu flavor in Bali last year and it was mindblowing.

Zack F says:

Lol – Klondike over a Magnum?!?!?! Surely you jest Kevin. Go try a Kondike again and then confirm it.

A K says:

lol!! you guys are so cute!

Lycosa says:

Omg you got insensitive teeth and mouth. Just chewing them and biting :S my teeth would be wrecked. Magnum Isss premium ish, yep the package is nice. It's not the best of the best. White chocolate is my favourite. But that's your opinion, nothing wrong with that. American murican opinion.

mark rosales says:

give me ice cream in Butuan plss

Walter H. White says:

Dove bars!!

CB says:

I love how honest you guys are in your reviews! Thanks for that!!

Shivneel Shivam Chetty says:

In my parts of the world I send $25 on those mini packs… They seem to be on upper level as compared to local brands (1 local brand though). Lesson : Open up a ice cream business in Fiji. You'd be rich. Lol…liked the review though.

Tigress says:

Lol Im not into ice creams, however I loved watching this, your both are so adorable. Cute video.

Hayley Gold says:

good humor makes chocolate coated ice cream bars.  I would love to see a blind taste test of different brands of varying cost.

Michael Rhodes says:

Great value makes ice cream and for cheap ice cream it's pretty darn good

Betty1Q says:

Double Chocolate is crazy good. Well my Brother loves them. I found them at the Navy Base for 2.50 a box. So that makes him like them even more. Double Chocolate.

Adam Huzzey says:

I've never been a fan of Ice Cream on a stick. No matter how you do it, those last few bites are always annoying. 

Valerie Mings says:

I agree with everyone else, I've had the Magnum ice creams and I didn't buy them again. I'd rather have Ben and jerrys or Haagen Dazs instead. Now the Double Peanut Butter flavor? Yes, all day long!!

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