Vegan ice cream: a Guardian panel does the taste test

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Several major brands have launched vegan and dairy-free versions of their ice cream desserts – but how do they stack up against the beloved originals? Our panel delivers their verdicts on the dairy-free Magnum original, Magnum almond, Cornetto, Weiss bar and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream desserts


rudy t says:

Jungles r burning..their animals r dying still they r worried about flavor of icecream

Sabina M says:

not enough cruelty in the vegan ice ceam for her. she much rather have cow tears to make it more creamy. idiot

Hubble Tea says:

I've never had my vegan ice creams fall apart on me. This feels like its kind of bashing the dairy-free ones unnecessarily.

Alexander Castle says:

aww sad,, but at least it looks honest

agenttheater5 says:

I don't care. So long as more food companies are going vegan, I don't care. And over the years I've had plenty of ice-creams that fall apart as I'm trying to eat them, that's a risk that comes with eating anything on a stick.

Show me Love 💗 says:

Magnum was the only reason why I couldn't go fully vegan.. I always said that if magnum made vegan icecream then I would never have the excuse to not go fully vegan.. and guess what.. found vegan magnum icecream in our Aldi.. so I guess my vegan journey starts today😊

Potato Pie says:

Um wtf they don’t “fall apart” did u leave them out the freezer or something…

Gemma Corigliano says:

Bias video 🙄 i would rather eat no ice cream than contribute to that revolting industry. Good to know there are vegan options if I do want an ice cream and they are all satisfying enough. We are talking about junk food at the end of the day..

Nice Cat says:

The taste of not abusing animals is the most satisfying for me.
Who cares if the first vegan ice creams are not 100% perfect yet, they will be as this is just the beginning.

Crowtower says:

This video is a bit biased against the vegan icecreams.
I've had dozens of the vegan Magnums already and never once were they sagging or falling off the stick?! They obviously left them out of the freezer longer than the dairy ones and melted under the studio lights, since they served the vegan ones second.
The rest of the taste test is fine, but as others have commented here, if you're used to the flavour of dairy then anything else will feel unfamiliar.
It's also biased in that none of the testers were vegan or dairy free. It would have been more inclusive to hear how they stack up for vegans against previous non dairy icecreams. Obviously vegans would not try the dairy one, thus couldn't do a comparison between dairy and non dairy, but it'd still be nice to hear their opinion, since the icecreams are being marketed toward vegans and people who don't eat dairy.
My own opinion: the vegan Magnums almond version are amazeballs! So creamy and the chocolate is delicious and crisp (don't know how the first woman could call it cheap and flavourless??)
The vegan Cornettos are a little disapointing for me, but still nice. The gf cone and icecream are great but there don't seem to be enough toppings. Still, if they offered them in cinemas as an alternative to dairy choc tops, I'd be thrilled!
So happy to see vegan foods becoming mainstream!

Fiona says:

If you’re accustomed to the taste and texture of animal body fluid then of course the familiar one will be preferable. It’s simply what your palate is used to. I’m so excited for these products (and more!) as more and more people ditch dairy and its inherent cruelty 🙂 Things have come so far even in just the last 5 years.

Rainbow Cockerel says:

well its not about which ice cream tastes better (as carnists are more accustomed to bovine cow secrections 😷) but how close in taste they are to each other as the vegan version are more ethically sound, healthier and more environmentally friendly than the "originals" 😊

unrealone1 says:

Soybeans are so dangerous for Testosterone levels.
But, this is The Guardian?

Jacqui Rose says:


Alex Blogg says:

Being lactose intolerant I take all the dairy-free ice cream I can get.

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