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Well if you weren’t happy with what I said last time about these you’ll hate this one even more 🤣🤣😂.

Vegan Magnum Almond Dairy Free Ice Cream


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SSchithFoo says:

Well its not horrible but its not amazing either. Melts a bit too quickly though.

Andrew B says:

I really like both flavours of magnum ice-cream. I thought they were much better than the so-good chocolate which you have said is good. Interesting how different pallets receive food differently.

Jaskaran Diu says:

I thought it was pretty good, and the b&j pb cookie was good too. Better than their heavy dairy ones.

Hailey Bakes says:

Looks delicious 😋

X Y says:

Its crazy because a lot people say it tastes the same as the non vegan magnums. I really need to finally try these and settle it for myself. Thanks for the review!! I definitely feel vegan ice creams in general just taste like sugar water (Ben and jerrys, so good almond milk) the only good vegan ice cream I've actually had is from Gelato Blue in Newtown, Sydney. I've only tried samples of over the moo so can't really remember it. I just remember not liking the coconut milk flavour.

Please do vegan cornetto review! I'm gonna try that one too!

Arjun Gowda says:

I probably put more effort into this review than they did in these ice creams 😅🤣

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