Winter Vegetable Soup | Gennaro Contaldo

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Cuddle up with this hearty and tasty soup recipe courtesy of Gennaro. Chunky veg in a delicious broth packed with pearl barley and the Italian black cabbage better known as Cavolo Nero. Served over toasted garlic bread this one will see you good until Spring.

For more Gennaro recipes head over to his channel

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world citizen G says:

I would make this without the potatoes and add the black Kale the last 10 mins, it looks delicious

The Ends says:

This looks so good I'd eat you. In a platonic sense of course. Oops that's still cannibalism. There's just no pleasing some people. Ok, you made a nice meal and I appreciate that.

Kylie Greaves says:

This looks like it would be perfect in a slow cooker (Browning the onions first, of course)

Francesca Lever says:

Genarro is a genius

Rosalind Kincannon says:

Gennaro = genius
I ♥️your dramatics

Alexandra Rieloff says:

Looks delicious! Thank you.

Jimmy Sandwiches says:

I’ve made this loads of times – so easy / I also add garlic and a couple of teaspoons of chopped lime pickle, really sets it all off x

Dana Razina says:

Gennaro! You are incredible! Hundreds years to come for you. Give to us more recipes!

Slepy Isa says:


معرفه معرفه says:

anice winter soup

maltezz says:

i love this man!!

Garry Perkins says:

I love when food tube does NOT have some absurdly HIGH-voiced host.

Redeat Wondemu says:

Made this last night super tasty and cozy…love the garlic infused toasted bread idea! Grazie!

Laverne Liebrock says:

that Cavolo Nero looks like my dinosaur kale

richard houw says:

is cheese for vegetarian?

watcher seeyou says:

that looks yummy. so does gennaro.

Ardent Dfender says:

lovely dish. great for these frigid cold winter days.

wiskybiz says:

This geezer lol

51TGM71 says:

Just cooked this, added crushed garlic, basil and paprika and a bit more vegetable stock so it didnt became like a stew. But it turned out great! Fresh and healthy and super good tasting. Add a glass of white wine and you have one great dinner.

MetaView7 says:

i hate it when the "professional" chefs bang their ladle on the pot

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