5 vegan recipes EVERYONE needs to know!!!

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Here are 5 delicious vegan recipes that you need to know. Whether you are a new vegan, or longtime herbivore, THESE RECIPES ARE FOR YOU!!!

maple mustard tempeh salad https://youtu.be/KyTcY5CKtr0
how to make a bomb salad https://youtu.be/yXMz9P1YHgM
red beans & rice https://youtu.be/h_mJo8Nf9Uc
black eyed peas https://youtu.be/LD7ar8si1Hk
coconut black bean soup https://youtu.be/_2DaXMTOBHM
buddha bowl meal plan https://youtu.be/1ihAPzjPLFo
tofu scramble https://youtu.be/2TbVT48jEUg

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Brandy Davidson says:

thank you so much for this elaborate video. In fact, I enjoy all your videos because you are very detailed. I need this for my transition. Watching your videos gives me hope to be successful doing this

Sandy 312 says:

I stumbled across this video and I am so amazed! I am just recently changing to a vegan diet and especially my boyfriend has a bit of a hard time (eggs!) So: Thank you soo much! Subscribed!

Katie Land says:

Your videos never disappoint! I am going to try and make a bean dish from dried beans for the first time. When the beans are soaking, are they supposed to be refrigerated while they soak?

Sunrise2day says:

Excellent! Thank you!

Tonia Perry says:

I was doing the watch one YT video domino effect thing and happened upon your video and instantly hit the subscribe and notification for all videos button…and I just purchased your cookbook. You have a new vegan fan right here 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gwen E says:

I want the recipe for that stew you put jackfruit in???? 😲😲😲😋😋😋

Luci Ryan says:

Love all of your recipes! What happened to the locs?????

Its Mrs M says:

These all look great! Can't wait to try these

Rosario Flores says:

You are soo beautyful!!

bartcloey says:

I like adding kale to soups and curries, but having watched this video, I wonder if I should be massaging it before I add it for best absorption and digestibility? I would think the cooking process would serve a similar function to breaking down cell walls, but I've made assumptions and found myself in the wrong in the past, so. Anyone?

Elsa Sicolo says:

Love your voice, so proper and articulate.

The Great Full Girl says:

These are all so good! Thanks for the info!

Cooking well says:

New subscriber from UK
really enjoyed thank you
Have a good day 😃

Tess Janson says:

You’re amazing, the vegan community loves you so so much🧡 thank you for all you do ma💛

Jodie Brown says:

You should make a cookbook soupy dedicated to your salad dressings! 😍😍😍😍🥰

Ki Belle says:

Do you ever use jackfruit?

The Honey Boost says:

great recipes! That marinated tempeh… yum! I also use lime or lemon a lot. I love how it complements almost everything 🙂

Toffnm says:

My go-to recipe when I get home from work super tired and hungry, is a taco soup. Don't know if it's an actual taco soup but that's what I call it. 1 small onion, 1 garlic clove, 1 can of rinsed black beans, 1 can of chopped tomatoes. spices (cumin, paprika and chili) or store bought taco seasoning if I am really super lazy. If I have taco shells I use those to scoop it up, if not I just eat it like that (after cooking it of course). Great video, always important to get some inspiration.

Ravyn Stadick says:

This video is really good! Definitely inspired some of my meal planning!!

Phillip Opfer says:

as a professional chef seeing you work in a kitchen with an exposed midriff scares me. I have seen a few people bump their belly with either a hot pan or the oven door and it hurts like hell.

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