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What a brilliant way to celebrate the humble aubergine! Packed full of spices and flavour with the Patak’s Rogan Josh Paste, cooked so it’s soft and buttery, this is a recipe you really need to try. This is a paid ad by Patak’s.

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Steven Brown says:

Lazy cooks use a jar

Mercy O'Connor née Munyai says:

I like how he uses less oil and less salt this really great, Thanks Jamie

Barca Fan Club says:

I don't know how to cook Rogan Josh but if that's Rogan Josh, I swear to God I'll sleep with a pig in it's pen.

emigrate says:

This man should have been named Jamiestan, Alibhai-iver. Hes always making Indian or Asian food! If I want Indian food I would ask an Indian to make it. Funny you steal all your recipies from Indian males, but then you have never had one in your Sarfend Cafe, or your presentations. But when you need a rcipeie its I will got to Raj, Kuldeep, Abdul.

Ghazal Yaqoub says:

It’s so delicious 😋

lymskiUK says:

To be fair I realise there will be a lot of angry Indians but we dont cook Indian enough to invest in the myriad of spices and herbs to do it truly authentically but I tried this and it was really good

Julie S says:

I just made this and it was super quick and easy. Will make again. Tastes great👌🏻

Vesii Lee says:

I Just Love You Jamie 🤗

Вера Фипина says:

Lovely Jamie!

Anna Wessman says:

This is a really nice break down of a classic recipe! Where's my red wine?! It's well interpreted and flipped into something I would rather have! Look at this man; LOOK at his man. Chef work at it's absolute best! There's flow, there's know-how, there's soul, there's just CHEF in every movement and dish! What many can't do and what I keep getting a reminder of every time I look at this man; to be the best chef I can be! 🙂 <3 Favourite chef ever every day of the week!

Ana F says:

Just when I think ok I have all the ingredients, comes up the thing in a jar that can't find in France

معرفه معرفه says:

Great recipe lovely

Òscar Villada says:

Hi Jamie!

I would very much like to see your recipe for mild aubergine with teriyaki sauce. Is this possible?
Thanks in advace Jaime

We Love Food says:

Just made the same recipe. Tastes great.

Vineeth Ram says:

Please restart your Drinks Tube channel Jamie.

Akul Sharma says:

bitch this aint rogan josh

Oky Irawan says:

Sambel terongggg

Karen Amiger says:

Jamie I love your meals I believe your the best chief in the world truly, I'd love to have your talents ,x

Jayanti Sahu says:

Okay so I'm Indian and I want to die after seeing this

James Canty says:

Nice shilling.

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