Avocado on Toast – 4 ways | Jamie Oliver 🥑

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Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or even dinner you can never go wrong with Avocado on Toast. Rye Bread is packed full of fibre and has an extraordinary flavour.
Check out these 4 recipes from Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics book!

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Links from the video:

How To NOT get ‘Avocado Hand’ | Jamie’s 1 Minute Tips | https://jamieol.com/5b2heL

How to De-Skin an Avocado | Jamie’s 1 Minute Tips | https://jamieol.com/rcuwxI

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robert wilson says:

Very good Jamie many thanks

Aya Alkhshen says:

You can also put some lemon juice into the mashed Avocados, so they don't taste too heavy!

Agent 11 91011 says:

Love this ❤️

Michaela Michaela says:

Those moving cams videos are the worst so stupid

JL says:

This is a Mexican torta has been a meal for over 150 years nothing new … new to non Mexicans only

JL says:

Thank you Mexico for the avocados

theditti1010 says:

This morning I tried to follow your advices. 1., I couldn't remove the seed with a knife. 2., I could not remove avocado with a spoon 3., I could not cut nice slices. I guess the avocado wasn't ripe enough yet. You could come for take a course in Budapest, you have a restaurant in the Castle. :))

theditti1010 says:

Jamie, you are more sexy now when you was younger! 😉 Thanks for the vid! Kiss from Hungary, from Budapest.

Nancy says:

I want Jamie to serve me avocado toast in bed

Faria Tula says:

You make me hungry every time🙈

GTR GUY says:

He actually has no idea what he's talking about in terms of nutrition.
The rye bread , "fake salad" isn't that great, the calories are irrelevant too, considering there is only around 150cal in one avocado, he keeps going on about Vitamin E, not even the most important thing. The best thing about them are the healthy fats, nothing to do with unsaturated.

Anyway, putting avocado on any type of bread aint the best, but it's better than jam and bread

thealiceftw says:

i hate that you have started focusing on calories in ur recipes…

ΗΛΕΚΤΡΑ 7 says:


Елена Соловьева says:

please do Russian subtitles🙂

Robbie lacey Jones says:

Megan got trashed by the press for liking this simple delicious snack, one of my favourite,s

Charlie Fenderson says:

Bro that breakfast is like 1/10 of a home loan. Hit me up with the low budget super food.

Twigs and Stix says:

Since when has dairy ever been good for you

Sarah Diehl says:

The last one is so damn good!

tfnvv says:

Here after rewatching Graham Stephan’s video about 90¢ avocado toast. Restaurants sell it for $12-15, I want to make a killer avo toast for maybe $3.50 since I’m fancy like that and like my health food. Maybe add an egg maybe and Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Add some paprika, parmesan, chili sauce, arugula or other veg or sprouts, cream cheese, crushed walnuts, and cherry tomatoes. Some good tips in this video, thanks.

Meiling Chu says:

I'm from Malaysia…. just subscribed

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