Charred Veg Salad | Jamie Oliver

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Colourful chopped charred veg piled high on a grilled wrap with couscous and creamy feta cheese. This delicious dish is from Family Super Food Classics and is packed with all five of your 5 a day! Top it off with cooling yogurt, spicy chill sauce and crunchy nuts and seeds. This wrap gives a bit more joy with every bite.

To get your copy of Family Super Food Classics click the link

And much love to Richard Izzard & Glen from Clacton for sending in the cool fire pit for us to cook on!

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Sukhraj Bains says:

I like it your out side kitchen love it 👍

Oscar Lacey says:

Hi Jimmie, any anchovies in this one or am I ok to eat it?

AlienMidget123 says:

Ramsay would've made his own yoghurt sauce and hot sauce

Bobbnoxious says:

4:25 – Next up, Chef Oliver shows us how to prepare and eat Ortolans. He's already got the towel thing down.

Honey Bhagat says:

what is the difference between aubergine,brinjal & eggplant?

Sagar Rao says:

I'm just toasting up these nuts.
Me too Jamie….me too…😏

馮佳玲 says:


Chillbanter says:

looks complicated

Lukas Klein says:


Thijs vdN says:

Tried it tonight! This is freaking amazing!!! Wauw 🙂

Betty O'Shea says:

This looks so tasty!

Margo M. says:

Looks healthy 👍🏻😛🌿🍆🍠🌶🌽🌮🌿❤️

Anji Tomlinson says:

Drooling! Trying this tonight 👍🏽

Saga Poetic says:

That's an impressive fan-made grill. Kudos to those kraftsmen

Darren Street says:

Its so amazing 😆

Elisa de Waal says:

This is a favorite of mine! I've been thinking about roasting the veg and nuts in one go on a Sunday to sort out my work lunch for the majority of the week (putting it together daily). How long would the veg stay ok in the fridge for you guess?

Touria says:

Jamie!!! you are the best, definitely trying this. I am craving your brioche bread (the batter was very light)…I saw this on TV a while back but can locate the video/recipe 🙁 Help please!!!

Jeff Dubnick says:

hahahaha that was awsome Jamie!!!

Scott Morgan says:

He only put a tea towel over his head as he didn't want to take another bite….

2 Chillis in veg
Dried chilli in the nuts
& Chilli sauce in the wrap

I like chilli but bloody hell…..

Rafet Anacoglu says:


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