Explore London's Underground Jazz Scene – My City, Episode 1

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Giacomo Smith and Jack Abraham are jazz musicians, Local Guides, and owners of Kansas Smitty’s, a bar and rehearsal and performance space that’s at the center of London’s jazz scene. Watch them explore some hidden gems across the city that inspires their work and play.

In the “My City” series, discover some of Europe’s best music and food culture told by Local Guides on the ground.

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Andrei Marian says:

Omg.. if that was British jazz…

Alex Cio says:

London is such a nice city with so many thinigs to see!
Just was glad I met somebody who showed me the nice markets near Liverpool street!

وردت الحيات says:

ممكن ضافه

Hrishabh jain says:

Wish to go there
Level 5 LG

hampton sc says:

Next month we will visit London: we will love to search and enjoy these sites 😉

map says:

how can I claim google local guide benefits in my house

map says:

as a local guide how to claim bennifits from Google local guide

Travis Zane says:

Awesome video! Really enjoying your stuff 🙂 check out my vids if you have a little time, I think we have the same interests

Джамал Ахмедов says:


Sydney Eatz says:

Thank looks fantastic – want to visit and see and hear the Jazz

almame lewis says:

hi gd. evening hope both fine i'm prayer all people london uk fine.. still place fine.. i'm still looking the member place in my life.. so i'm prayer this place uk hope father GOD ALWAYS GUIDE there place be safe.. thank you then hope going realise my caim there process this month or next month thank you the court then bank know what my process there i'm prayer then i wish going ok.. both fine.. the court there about probate.. .. thank you..i'm i'm prayer too..going uprove.. very soom, or realise.. thank.. you.. if can help worl there hurry..

Wahab Tayar says:

I want to make my own scene

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