Jamie Oliver Dishes Out Delicious Veggie Meals from "Ultimate Veg" Cookbook | The View

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The international chef serves up meat-free dishes from his “Ultimate Veg” cookbook. Get some of Jamie Oliver’s recipes and start cooking: abcn.ws/2sb78lq

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Vicky Taylor says:

If you give food a fun name I find they are more likely to eat it. For instance if you call that pasta Incredible Hulk pasta or Kermit pasta that works.

ET M says:

Whoopi doesn’t seem sold by her facial expressions.

tjpm says:

I don’t eat a lot of meat. But when I eat meat I have more energy etc. 🤷🏻‍♀️

reventlow23 says:

This is eating high carb meals pimped with overcooked bits of veggies – has nothing to do with a healthy diet, sorry Jamie. Just a good marketing idea.
No doubt that his dishes are really tasty though.

Lelo Ciri says:

English men are 🥰

Delta Duke says:

That why he created jerk rice,he is a nasty chef.

enrique mas says:

Whoopi doctoring up that mac and cheese is peak grandma when she's supposed to be taking a load off and letting the kids do it.

Patrice NZ says:

Veg, meat, whatever sells

s sia says:

Is that really mac and cheese?… that's more of a kind of baked ziti.

bubgum00 says:

My favorites are chunks of Cucumber and tomato cilantro salad. Dressing is made with vegetable oil, lime juice, big hand full of cilantro, green onion, cayenne pepper and salt blended up and then pour it on the chunky vegetables and let it marinate for two hours. My second favorite is Portabella mushroom sandwich with goat cheese.

Jayne Hemmings says:

I’d hope I could look passed the colour but if not I think I’d try butternut squash or another veg. Definitely getting the book. New year, new me!!!

Aidil Goh says:

More veggies for more healthy poopies. But minus the milk cos it gives me the runs

Anita Karve says:

Go Jamie!! 🤗🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 love how Whoopi is so supportive 💜💜

Tuti A says:

Looooove Jamie so happy you had him on the show

Janine Pillay says:

Everyone else is ooohing and aaahing and I'm just loving the faces whoopi is making as she's eating

Leslye Salinas says:

Love Jamie Oliver, he’s an amazing and innovative chef

Land Lord says:

Dude does make money with hes mouth

Llermy Morales says:

Why was that milk so lumpy lmao

Crystal Ingram says:

Delicious food and presentation was great.😎🍏

Virginia Slade says:

I can't wait to see whoopi's reaction to his food.

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