Jamie Oliver's Super Leek and Potato Soup | Super Food Family Classics

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Want to give your favourite Leek and Potato Soup a Super Food makeover? Give Jamie Oliver’s flavour-packed recipe a whirl. For more super food tips, tricks and mouth-watering recipes check out Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics cookbook: http://thehappyfoodie.co.uk/books/super-food-family-classics

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Jayme Gutierrez says:

Jamie Oliver? Seems a bit fake to me…

Polly Bramall says:

Sorry,love soup,make a lot f my own,but that looks awful,😏

not a fucking weeb says:

10 fucking comments

HansDelbruck53 says:

Could someone convert those metric measurements to Imperial equivalents?

Carol Bei says:

why doesn't anyone use the green part of the leek? I've never made the soup,. just about to and i'm really curious as to how awful the green part must me?

Adrian M says:

How many servings does this make?

MAJIDA ojbd says:

واو. WOW

honeythief98 says:

Short and sweet. Thanks for upload

TheKvack says:

nice potato slicing skills 😛

Kim's Dragons & Fairy Tales says:

Hi there, handsome thanks for this upload. My son is lying sick on the couch. And I made this delicious treat for him😘 Luckily I had all the ingredients!

Roy S. says:

And we're supposed to believe that it's Jamie that's cooking? Because of the ring right?

The Happy Foodie says:

Love Jamie Oliver's Super Food recipes? Give his tasty Leek and Potato Soup a go.

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