Summer fruit slice part 1 – Gary Rhodes Cookery Year – BBC Food

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Part 1 of 2. Gary Rhodes makes a fruit syrup, a puff pastry with a caramelised top and the all important pastry cream.

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There’s nothing more satisfying than using ingredients that are bursting with flavour. Gary Rhodes Complete Cookery Year is a celebration of the fact that food always tastes better when it’s in season and shows us how to choose and use the very best home produce for delicious recipes all year round.

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lol car says:


TheBrownFox says:

Yes. That's a no.

stooge81 says:

does this mean we can't be facebook friends, guvnuh?

blackbeard00 says:

Only a brit would call using only berries and sugar, a 'fruit slice.' (and yes I know that technically berries are fruits).

TheBrownFox says:

Blimey, fuck off with your 'first', will you?

stooge81 says:

blimey. i'm first. good show, chap!

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