Super Food Tofu Burger | Jamie Oliver

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Jamie has a recipe for you that’s a fast food favourite with a difference! This Superfood Tofu Burger is stacked with cheese, pickles, a generous dollop of homemade ketchup and is good for you! Served on a bed of rainbow salad this balanced meal is healthy, filling and above all delicious.

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This recipe first aired on Channel 4 in 2015 as part of Jamie’s Super Food series.

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Dino Rossi says:

They should make these for sale in super markets.

bhu vidya says:

Hmmm, Yum. Thanks! So did you use silken or hard tofu?

Lgac123 Lgac123 says:

When you see the egg 😂😷

Frederik Zeuthen says:

he has nice hair

dorki3 says:

I don’t think Marmite is available in my area, is there a good substitute?

marten3451 says:

The tofu burgers fell apart on me when I did this recipe. Should I use 2 eggs?


Jamie! You're a legend 😍👍

ビンガム says:

all looks amazing!

Charlie Green says:

Imagine being such a cuck that you actually gorge on tofu

Susie Butler says:

You Rock Jamie !

Or Barel says:


mercy mo says:

Someone can help me out here, what is the "black" thing that he added to the tofu at the beggining????

Crush the Pizza! says:

Who else is here from crusoe the dachshund where Oakley makes a recepie

Nur Alisya Nizarrozani says:

I'm gonna make this
Thanks for the recipe

xuanyun8 says:

I made it but it had a really odd sandy texture

ViccoGallo says:

toast your buns!

Steve Bradley says:

Just a little toast of the bun, it’s delicious!!

Movie News says:

yesss! now for more on healthy vegan dishes!

ivana guardado says:

Oh lord not the egg

Ali N says:

You could also toast the buns

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