Vegan Kofte Kebabs | Tim Shieff

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This dish may say vegan in the title but it’s a recipe even meat eaters will love! Pan fried koftes bursting with fresh flavours served in warm pitas topped with mint and cucumber soy yogurt and a garlicky nutty sauce. It’s so good and so delicious your body will thank you for it!

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VG – This is a vegan recipe


lolo2 lolo4 says:

how long will this take to make 3 hours omg becomming vegan u need to be milioner to achive that geez

Movie News says:

Inspires me to make vegan gyros, thank YOU!

keirabryson says:

I really need a food processor.

LPempty says:

Can’t believe he made discount falafels and called kebabs

Charles Moore says:

Looks fantastic !
Would it be any good oil free ?

Alice Price says:

Looks so god dam good AGAIN!!!!

David says:

You are so boring and uninteresting

mack pack says:

thanks for having my kids a propper meal Tim!! it was amazing

Beth Clarke says:

Hi Tim thanks for sharing this recipe it looks delicious 😋it's definitely on my 'to cook ' list! I'm day 6 in on a plant based diet 🥒🥑🥕after watching 'what the health' 🎥 it totally changed my outlook on food, health, animals 🐖💕🙌🏼so this inspiration will help me on my journey! 👍🏼
cheers man 😉Beth – Australia 🇦🇺

Jade Arthur says:

He's so damn tasty himself that I don't even care if he using correct it looks amazing!

Nicole Johnson says:

This looks amazing! Can't wait to make these! Will send you a photo when I do!

Videnda Noor says:

This was one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten,it is amazing !!!!

Dacr0n says:

I made this and it was amazing
Just the texture was a bit off it didnt bind too well and was hard tu turn in the pan but in the end that was a minor negative aspect, next time i just use more breadcrumbs

Dacr0n says:

I dont really like zucchini, but im so going to try this out and let it get tested by me and my lebanese roommate 😀

Cordelia Woodward says:

more Tim! love his videos

Seeta Maharaj says:

great vegan receipe

Greek Vegan says:

Wow, that looks awesome! Can I replace the coriander with parsley? (I don't like coriander at all)

tete jaune says:

what is the background music?

0000000Lara says:

thats basically a falabel ..wrong name

kvnXcls says:

no puns about making backflips?

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