Vegetarian Nut Roast | Anna Jones

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This Christmas Food Tube has great recipes for every diet and taste plus all the classics done perfectly. To kick things off here’s a delicious vegan nut roast recipe that’s gluten and dairy free too. A nutty, buttery galette base with a creamy pesto topping of greens and cashews finished with roasted squash and caramelised red onions. This centrepiece recipe is a fantastic alternative to Christmas turkey that even the meat eaters will love.

Please welcome Anna Jones to the channel! She’s got some amazing vegetarian recipes up her sleeve packed full of flavour to make you feel fantastic. Check out her book ‘A Modern Way To Eat’ with over 200 Vegetarian recipes right here:

Jamie’s got loads more free recipes for specialty diets on his website :
Plus all the fail traditional Christmas recipes done properly too :

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VG – This is a vegan recipe
GF – This is a gluten free recipe
DF – This is a dairy free recipe

For more nutritional information go to


Kathleen Belle DeVizia says:


José Ribeiro says:

"Cowspiracy" and "What the health" ( Netflix / YouTube )

Samuel Turvey says:

I love how clean and elegant this is. It's inspirational to find a recipe where the qualities of nuts and vegetables are boasted, instead of using somewhat (in my opinion) unconvincing meat substitutes.

Nanda Nina Lynch says:

Please tie your hair back when preparing food.

Ian McMillan says:

How much salt is in this recipe ? Great for high blood pressure

Victoria Bergquist says:

The plan is to make this tomorrow and then maybe again for Christmas! Looked all over the place for cavolo nero today but could not find it 🙁 Can I substitute it with normal kale? Chards also seem to be hard to find… (Currently living in Germany) 🙁

cm t says:

I just made this today for Thanksgiving and it was delicious! Thank you.

Brage Johan says:

It`s a fucking pizza.

JE Hoyes says:

When you're cooking, tie your hair back.

Van says:

Looks amazing, thanks! When will you collaborate with Tim Shieff and the Happy Pear and make a vegan cookbook?! 😊👍🏻

Joe V says:

B-e-a-utiful! 😀

Susannah Andrews says:

tie your hair!

Sarah Li says:

this does look really tasty

I Am Christopher says:

This is marvellous food, Anna!

theveganhotspot says:

This looks so interesting 😮 curious to try it <3

Whatcha Cookin says:

I think using the name "roast" is a bit misleading. It looks amazing!!! But I was expecting something different as an end result. Looks more like a pizza to me, and AMAZING pizza! Just not a roast 🙂

C Chan says:

Made it tonight. Delicious! I didn't have any chestnuts available in my area, so I substituted walnuts and a bit of cashew butter for moisture in the crust. I'd eat the crust by itself, it's so good! Thanks for sharing!

Estefa003 says:

Actually made this for new years as didn't have time at Christmas and my family and I loved it!! So definitely rich in flavour! Great vegetarian recipe! Thanks

Rachel McE says:

Awesome– another gluten free recipe to try! Thanks for the GF offerings on FoodTube. Makes me excited to keep on watching and cooking!

Tamires Gonçalves says:

Vegan food is the best!

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