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Full recipes: https://bit.ly/2tv3bsh

Hello lovely people,
Here is a what I ate in a day video with a twist for you! I’m cooking up warming vegan meals from Karoline Jönssonäs new book Värmande Vego which means “warming veggie”. These meals are really pretty easy to make and are super satisfying at the same time. In the link below you find the three recipes in English. I really hope you enjoy!

Malin x

Instagram: https://bit.ly/2GMzmXo
Webiste: http://goodeatings.com/

Music: Epidemic Sounds


Megista says:

I'm so happy you are back Malin 🌷
(where you bought the plate of the edamame recipe?)

IlarB says:

Definitely gonna try them, they look so easy ☺️

LadyV says:

You can also get a nicer texture if you simmer it first and then blend it with the stick

rihanhon says:

That mayo! I'm impressed!

Alex McGinness says:

All of these recipes look divine!

shahar amsalem says:

This soup looks soooooo good😍 definitely will try. Thank you for the delicious recipes✨

sharon vitullo says:

do you think you could do the tortilla without oil. amazing video as always x wishing you health and happiness in your new home

antonia handlechner says:

Missed your videos so much! Lots of love from Austria 💞

Almouna Saddiyeh says:

Love the colors of your videos and so realistic I feel I'm right there with you. Thanks for good foot to my eyes and to my stomach 🙂

Michelle Schisler says:

I really like your video style. The calming music, the sounds of chopping and cooking, the cinematography make for an enjoyable viewing experience.

sharon anderson says:

Canola oil is the worst oil. It is ALL gmo. You should use grapeseed oil.

allyb89 says:

So great to you back! I love these recipes and your videos.

Emerson Smurf says:

Really looking forward to this book coming out in English. P.S. serious ASMR vibes from this video 👍

emma t says:

Hi from Northern Ireland. Love watching your cooking videos. Those recipes looked so delicious

Mendo Yogi says:

Thank you so much for this beautiful video. Very calming and great recipes!

Aylin A says:

The quality of your videos (I also mean the content) is sick!! Like a therapy everytime

Victoria Blanc says:

love love love your videos!!!

Emmy Isbring says:

I'm sooo glad you're back! Your videos are so calming and I just love the sound, the music, the colors and just how you film and edit your videos. Everything you do is so beautiful and inspiring!

Barbie B says:

Love this video💕

Barbie B says:

I love your bangs!

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